iOS 6 Phone app and Notification Center get Do Not Disturb and Remind Me Later features

Notification Center will receive some good updates in iOS 6 including some new features such as Do Not Disturb and Remind Me Later which will give you even more fine-tuned control over the way you use notifications.

Do Not Disturb will be a welcome addition to many and does exactly what you'd think it does. Toggling on Do Not Disturb will allow notifications to come through but your iPhone or iPad won't make any sounds and the screen won't light up. Anyone who has ever been woken up in the middle of the night to a Words With Friends notification will no doubt appreciate this. This should also keep those pesky text message sounds from interrupting your phone calls. Previously you could only achieve something like this if you jailbroke your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Remind Me Later is also a new addition to iOS and will integrate directly to your Phone app. If you receive a phone call and can't take it right now but want to remember to call that person back later, you'll now be able to tap the new Remind Me Later button. The feature can also use geo-fencing technology to remind you when you get to a certain location if you choose.

Both features will come stock in iOS 6, which will be available this Fall.

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Reader comments

iOS 6 Phone app and Notification Center get Do Not Disturb and Remind Me Later features


Do Not Disturb is welcome, but I was hoping for something like Blackberry's notification profiles.

Gs3 already has a toggle to turn off notifications so it doesn't disturb you... Also send a message when someone trying to call you but you are busy oh yeah the s2 and s3 already do that.... Don't really see any real "innovation"... Not hating it was just hoping for more and not just things that are on other os's already.

Seriously? My Palm Treo 700P could do that stuff 7 years ago. Are we going to measure an OS by how quickly they adopt the low hanging fruit? Somehow, I don't think Page & Brin are sweating any of these features. What they are sweating are the loss of maps, the integration of Facebook and an expanding footprint of what users can do with Siri. The more Apple can get user data which used to flow through Google the weaker their position becomes in the mobile market.

I somehow REALLY doubt that Brin or Page are worried about this announcement. Google is growing everyday and EVEN IF (Never gonna happen) Android dies due to Apple not using their Maps, Neither sergey, nor Larry is gonna shed a tear. Andy Rubin might, but The big wigs are after the big fish...

Was hoping for a larger expansion of notification centers abilities such as 3rd party widgets or a settings widget. It's always small steps with The Fruit.

So what if I don't want my ringer going off in my ear but do want notification of an incoming message when I'm not on the phone? What if I want the phone to skip notifications at 3am, but not at 3pm? I'm seriously hoping there's more flexibility here than meets the eye.

You can set a group of contacts that can ring through the do not disturb setting. As well as if a person rings you twice in 3 minutes you'll be alerted the second time. This can also be turned off for certain contacts.

and when there will be a control center widget for IOS??? as in ( wi-fi, data, bluetooth, brightness ) in notification center same as weather widget??? when??? :'(

I will be switching from BB over to the iPhone 5 when it comes out. One aspect that I am hoping that Do Not Disturb (or similar) will do is allow me to silence all texts and e-mail messages, but still allow the phone to ring. It sounds like we will be able to have a list of contacts that will generate a ring, however my job requires that I be on-call at night, where it is possible that up to 300 numbers could call. Would anyone know if it will be possible to silence all texts and e-mails, but still have all phone calls come through? Thanks!