Get notified of recalled products with Recalls Plus for iPhone

As if raising a child wasn't stressful enough, baby products like cribs, car seats, and strollers are constantly being recalled and it can get overwhelming to keep track if you own a recalled item. With Recalls Plus, you you can relax knowing it will notify you if any of your products have been recalled.

Parents aren't the only ones who need to concern themselves with recalls, however. That's why Recalls Plus also keeps track of allergen recalls. Whatever your concern might be, Recalls Plus lets you search recalls by category or specific items. You can also create a custom list of products you own and Recalls Plus will send you a notification when an item from your list is recalled.

What I like about Recalls Plus is that after I added all the products I'm most concerned about for my daughter's safety, I just buried the app away in some folder and know I don't ever have to think about it again -- the piece of mind is priceless.

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Get notified of recalled products with Recalls Plus for iPhone


I gotta say, "Recalls" is much better. It includes recalls from the FDA, CPSC, EPA, NHTSA and USDA, plus has push notifications.