NOVA gets Retina Display and Gyroscope support

NOVA updated with gyroscope and retina display for iPhone 4

Gameloft's NOVA has just received one awesome update; high-res retina display support and the ability to use the gyroscope (looks like Gun Range proved useful after all) for iPhone 4. First let's talk graphics...

This game looks absolutely amazing. Color. Crispness. It's all there. No aliasing problems, things just look great. Now for the not so great news, the Gyroscope.

I have been playing with the NOVA update for the last couple of days and for the life of me, I can't seem to feel comfortable using the gyroscope in conjunction with the traditional controls. Sure, the gyroscope is precise. Sure you can pivot in a circle and the game will rotate with you. But when it comes to playing in a firefight with aliens, it is hard to be using the traditional controls to pan while using the gyroscope to aim. Perhaps I just don't have the reflexes of my youth, but I found the experience frustrating. Thankfully you can turn the gyroscope controls off.

This was just my experience, how are you liking the update? Let us know in the comments!

Video after the break.

[$4.99- iTunes link]

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Reader comments

NOVA gets Retina Display and Gyroscope support


@ calculus they updated bia2 twice already for ios4 support and now nova. Yeah the gyro controls are utterly useless to be honest.

haha and you said in one of the last Podcasts that Gameloft will not update their games.
Personally, I don't like EgoShooters on this kind of device, but looks great and I hope more games with iOS4/iPhone4 using features are coming :)
I hope my phone comes somewhen the next days :)
Keep on with great podcast.

If he wasn't confused he wouldn't be reading tipb on his droid to begin with haha :) maybe he's just a little curious.

I'm not brainwashed. I'm 15 years old and have turned my family over to apple because of quality products. Everybody is just jumping on apple now because they made a mistake. That never happens. Apples products are always perfect and Windows/Droid users alike kick themselves for it. And I have to agree on the iphone 4 reception issue some people are having. I know that it doesn't affect me at all. Plus apple is giving out free bumpers because of it and refunding users who bought them. Even with the bumper the iPhone 4 is thinner then any smartphone on the planet. So you can have your time to make fun of apple because they messed up once. And I'm proud you have that opportunity. But there's no need to go to a blog about apple products and just talk down about them. There's a time and place to share you thoughts, and we'd like to hear them. Just not here. -Royce

@JNGold Nova has both Multiplayer and story mode.. Archetype is just multiplayer.. I havent seen Nova since the retina display update.. but I will think overall NOVA is better..

Well I didn't expect my post to be deleted but my question still remains: Archetype vs NOVA. Which is worth the purchase and why?

The great thing about all of this is you can have both and pay next to nothing. I mean what is arch going for now, 3 bucks?

@Rob, great point, for what a combine $7 you can get bot these good games. people if you buy a $400 you can afford the measily $7 on two games, just get them both!

I read in an app store review to sit on a rotating office chair when playing with the gyroscope. Haven't tried it, but the gyro in nova is pretty incredible.

I bought the game today on my iPhone 4, but the gyro support doesn't seem to work for me? Is it on for default setting? Or do I have to change something? I've digged around both game and phone settings, can't seem to find anything. I've tried another app which uses the gyro, and it works perfectly fine. So def. Something within the game? Help?

Sit in a swivel chair and try again. You only need to finger pan for major 180 spins and such. Use your swivel chair for 45 degree or so aiming to either side of dead center. Killer combo usability.
Or, hit settings and switch to old school.