Now that there’s iOS in the Car, what are the odds of iOS on the Camera? [Poll]

Now that we have iOS in the car, how about iOS on cameras? [Poll]

Should Apple bring iOS 7 to cameras? At WWDC 2013 Apple announced a new feature called iOS in the Car, which pushes iOS interface and interaction from a connected device to a car's in-dash display. There were a number of companies signed up for the program, so it should see at least some level of sunlight. While this might not be the same type of to-the-metal integration Microsoft Sync or BlackBerry QNX or even embedded Android enjoys, given Apple won't license iOS or start building automobiles or even cameras any time soon, it does offer a possibility...

Nokia is flirting with giant camera on Windows Phones like the rumored EOS, Samsung is making both Android phones with giant cameras like the Galaxy Zoom, and cameras that run Android like the Galaxy NX. Could Apple strike a deal with Canon or Nikon or several companies in the DSLR and micro 4/3 space to either connect to iOS devices, or do a similar interface and interaction projection?

I'd love to be able to sync, share, and post the pictures I take on my DSLR as easily as I do from my iPhone, but I'm not the biggest fan of Samsung's or Microsoft's user experience. Apple loves photography, but there's a limit to the potential of an iPhone camera, especially if you want interchangeable lenses. Is there a world where Apple could take the same type of system they're working on for cars, and push it to cameras? Would you want them to?

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Now that there’s iOS in the Car, what are the odds of iOS on the Camera? [Poll]


I'd take iOS for browsing photos and camera preferences, but for actual shooting, I like physical buttons to lock exposure, set ISO, aperture, etc. I can use them without having to look at the screen.

I had a Kodak DC625 digital camera that supported custom apps, and even offered on-board editing way back in 1999. It even had Donkey Kong.

An emphatic YES!!! I never thought of it this way. I would love to have something like iOS on the back of my SLR, but I doubt Apple will ever be able to compete with the big camera makers (nor would they want to), and Apple is also not about to "license" iOS.

However, having a simple interface for the camera and iOS to talk to each other would be perfect!

That being said, I doubt that Apple will do this. For the majority of people, the iPhone is the only camera they want (although maybe a simpler interface that just shares photos over WiFi might be possible, although camera makers don't need Apple to do anything ... they could just create their own protocol and corresponding App).

This kind of defeats the purpose of iOS. iOS is designed to be simple and easy to use, while professional photography is by nature very complex and requires specific knowledge of how to use different things like exposure, ISO, shutter speed, and other stuff (I'm not a photographer, but I know it's kind of complicated). iOS would not be useful for this type of device.

People who use the iPhone for photography want something simple that "just works" to take pictures. People who want complete control over their photos need very complex settings. These don't really intersect that much. I don't think Apple could convince many people to buy a $1000 DSLR to take photos with just because it uses iOS. Most people that use iOS want simplicity, and by nature, high end photography is not.

If they did make one, I'm sure it would be cool though.

I think this would be a cool idea. It can't be completely integrated as others have pointed out so the camera would have to be able to be used by itself, but imagine remotely controlling your DSLR with your iPhone, or having the photos taken automatically uploaded into iCloud. It would be very useful. Think about editing your photos and videos on the go without carrying around your laptop, or notifications coming up on your camera screen so you don't have to reach into your pocket while taking your shots.

I'd love to have iOS on my camera. When I'm shooting at events the iPhone is great at times but my DSLR allows me to do so much more. Then the fun comes when I need to get the pictures off the camera. I gotta pop the memory card out transfer the RAW images to my computer for editing. So it would be great if I had the option to put the pictures on Photo Stream so I could edit or share from my computer. I could also just share some things straight from the camera, making things easier and quicker for the user. The question is would Apple do it? iOS is already crazy popular, even more popular than some DSLRs and pushes the creation of things like Ollioclip. So if there is no need to do it would they do it?

I came to the iOS because I wanted the Swiss Army knife that the iPhone provided in a crisp clean Modern do it all in the PALM of my hand and Apple combined with Sprint does it very well for me since being in my life changing accident my 5 has been my everyday tool and companion from photos to calls to games to Internet to tasking to many many daily chores that a simple camera could never do

Thank you my buddy for coming thru you've been there on the pavement from minute One and someday will be top shelf in my electronic library

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Oh and let's see a real world camera get hit by an SUV and found over 50 feet down the road and still be able to take quality photos

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