NYT: Apple making iPhone for Verizon


If the Wall Street Journal wasn't enough to convince you Apple was making an iPhone for Verizon, then ladies and gentlemen we give you the paper of record:

After more than three years of using only AT&T cellphone networks, Apple is making a version of the iPhone 4 for Verizon’s network, according to a person who is in direct contact with Apple. Apple and Verizon will begin selling the phone early next year, the person said, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity because the plans were supposed to be confidential and he did not want to alienate his contacts at Apple.

Some have wondered if Apple is leaking this information as a response to the incredible number of new Android handsets released at the CTIA show this week. The theory holds Apple wants people to know iPhone is coming to Verizon so they don't go ahead and buy a Droid Pro now. However, that same logic would mean anyone on the fence about getting an AT&T iPhone may now hold off a while and get a Verizon iPhone instead, hurting Apple's all-important holiday sales quarter.

It could just be that the deal is far enough along that people are starting to find out about it. Apple pre-announced the AT&T iPhone by 6 months in 2007. If they want a Verizon iPhone out by early 2011, they won't have that luxury.

And for those still saying it will have to be an LTE device, CDMA or CDMA/LTE isn't off the table according to a statement from Verizon's executive director for ecosystem development Brian Higgins, as reported by PCMag:

"We have plenty of devices we sell today on a 3G network that are potent combinations in and of themselves. I don't believe LTE would necessarily make or break any of the smartphone devices that we're actively selling today."

So TiPb nation, from Mulder to Scully, are you starting to believe?

[NYT, PCMag, thanks Anthony!]

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Reader comments

NYT: Apple making iPhone for Verizon


After the holidays? Just months before iPhone 5 is due? Timing seems ridiculous, so I'm saying it's untrue on that basis.

Still, I'll be believe it when I see it. But what's it matter. Get what service works best for you and just enjoy whatever phone you have. They're just phones people.

The timing may make sense. If VZ and ATT iPhone launch at the same time, those lines will be longer and pre-orders will disappear faster than you can say " oh , Verizon has the iphone now ? ". I don't know whats going to happen to that five year exclusivity agreement. I read another article just a month ago somewhere saying that Verizon may NEVER get the iPhone due to those ads criticizing the iPhone. A few contradicting things going on that confuses me.

Even if true, it makes no difference to me. No verizon service here.
Hopefully though it pushes AT&T to be more competitive and more relenting of certain features like wifi hotspot. The iphone was always their ace in the hole.

I agree with @frog. I think that if they ever do release an iPhone on Verizon it wouldn't be 6 months before the next iPhone launches. It just wouldn't make any sense. I think there may be a bad source here. But I do hope I'm wrong about this and they do end up releasing one on Verizon.

Makes sense to me. If they get the Ver rush on iphone 4. Announce 5 in 6 months and a few months later get a second rush--Seems consistent with the way Apple milks the market. But maybe I'm wrong.
However, I would have thought they would have waited for LTE--making 1 phone instead of multiple (that is also more Apple like.

At what point do all of these news sites loose their credibility when it comes to Apple rumors?
We've been hearing about a CDMA iPhone for 2 years now.
Why don't they just write about it once it's in production already? This isn't 'news'.

What will happen if Verizons network does the same thing that AT&T networks does! Over loads due too so many iPhones on their network! I love Verizon as much as the next guy but I love my iPhone and will not move until I see the results from all these rumors and see how the network does if they get the iPhone!
A new rumor

You must not have seen the stats about Android users being heavier data users than iOS users, or read any of the sec filings indicating how much more Verizon has spent on wireless infrastructure than AT&T in the last 4 years. Just because AT&T screwed us is no reason to think the guy down the street is as incompetent.

Those stats on how Android users consume more data were debunked so stop spouting faulty info like its true. Second they have been saying a new iPhone for VzW since 2007.... Reliable sources in the know said that the VzW iPhone was launching in July... oh wait now these reliable sources are claiming September... Now they are claiming its coming in 2011....
Unless Apple announces it or we have a stolen VzW branded iPhone its all worthless heresy.

don't forget these are the exact same timers from before last summer wen they were CERTAIN it would be announced at the June event

Wait a second... So the NYT is quoting someone who is anonymous who is quoting someone who is supposedly inside apple (did the author even verify that the person was within apple?)
I'm sorry, but unless you have Documents, videos, or a press release from apple.com, I'm not buying it.
Apple releasing rumors about the iphone now would hurt their own sales, Verizon leaking it hurts theirs. Apple's had a couple of leaks recently, but do you guys honestly think that they would have something this big leak out so early? Seriously?

Well let's just say "Seeing is believing" so until Apple themselves comes out and states this news, it's all just gossip.
End of statement.

Notice how WSJ and NYT release stories based on hearsay. WikiLeaks releases actual documents. Funny that

Who cares verizon sucks where I live. Been there done it. I'm sticking to AT&T and I'm positive I'm not the only one.

I think the conditions for a Verizon iPhone have been right for the past two years, but that 1) AT&T and Apple likely lengthened the exclusivity period; and 2) Verizon has come to terms with the benefits of selling a lot of smartphones to provide revenue during their LTE-rollout, just as AT&T did during their 3G-rollout. IMO, that's why we keep hearing about a Verizon iPhone without seeing one released. As for whether it will release early 2011, I think it would be closer to April than January. It does make sense to stagger the Verizon and AT&T iPhone releases somewhat. The fact is that AT&T has sold about as many iPhones as they can, relatively speaking; so Apple stands the most to gain by putting out a Verizon iPhone as soon as their agreements with AT&T allow. However, the bigger question is whether the current iPhone design is acceptable to Apple. That to me will probably dictate when we'll be seeing a Verizon iPhone drop. Apple does simply need to sell a Verizon iPhone; and when it happens, Apple will suddenly sell a lot more iPhones. There's no question about it.

Can somebody please count up through the years how many times people have been SO SURE the iPhone was coming to Verizon?
One of these days it will come. And, maybe somebody will be stupid enough to say, "See, I KNEW it was coming right around the corner! I'm so smart!" And, most likely they would have been saying that for three years.
Can we PLEASE start up a new blog at tipovb.com that's dedicated to Verizon predictions?
(I'm not usually one of those people who complains about the content on this blog if it's not precisely relevant to myself, but this is getting ridiculous.)

I've heard from more than one vzw non retail employee that it will indeed be here by early next year. The sources woulnt tell me who told them

I hate to say it esp being a droidx owner but if they get this I will be switching. U love my droid x but miss the polish of the apple os. Even though the customization is non existant

@ hank. just so you know, verizon, or any cell providers, employees are a bunch of no nothing clowns. they are constantly spouting off "knowledge" they don't have.
on another note. if it does go verizon it won't make a difference to me.......unless the verizon version doesn't have the death grip, in which case im just going to start throwing things

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If it is released in Q1 11, it'll just be a plain old EVDO/1xRTT phone. An LTE/EVDO/1xRTT phone would be way too early for Apple. Maybe in June if good low power LTE chipsets are out.
The bigger question is if the Verizon logo appears on it. I hope not. That'll dilute Apple's brand.

Apple won't roll out a new iPhone in Q1 because there would be an enormous backlash by those customers who purchase a shiny new Verizon iPhone only to have iPhone 5 appear in June/July on AT&T. Apple cares about how it's brand is viewed. With antennagate and now glass-gate, I don't think Apple would want a bunch of Verizon iPhone customers mad at them for making their 6-month device "old". If the Verizon iPhone comes out, it will happen in June/July and be a dual radio. I could even see Apple taking the Google Nexus One route in their stores and online - buy the phone, then pick your carrier.
Also is it just me or could all this CDMA hub-bub just be about the CDMA chip appearing in another version of the iPad for Verizon? THAT seems far more likely to me. Think about it, Q1 is when the iPad will be refreshed. So customers could activate 3G on AT&T or Verizon. That would give Apple time to "test" how the Qualcom chip "works" before releasing it in the flagship product - i.e iPhone.

What apple should do Is make the iPhone for sprint instead of verizon cause for $60 or $70 u get unlimited everything and its also on the 4G network

If the Iphone is released on Verizon in early 2011 they will get the current version. Then Apple will announce another version with a bigger screen that will release on AT&T first and Verizon will get that version 6 months later. Apple will keep AT&T a first priority when new Iphones launch since they were the carrier who made them millions. Just my theory and a damn good one.

Now I hate to have logic come into this, but what the hey. It makes no sense for an iPhone on VZW until LTE is running. Why make a phone that will not use the latest technology on the network your running on? Will VZW eventually get an iPhone? Who knows, the few VZW fanboys that drool for an iPhone on VZW still want it. Sure there are people who would like it, but if they have not switched if possible I doubt there will be a tsunami of them, maybe a flood.

Conspiracy Theory:
Have you guys seen the movie Wallstreet lately? With Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf.
This is exactly what Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and NY Times would like us to believe. They need to keep that story line hot to protect and appreciate their's and someone else's holdings.
Theory only.

@ Trent
Do you really think Verizon customers, who are used to a new "Droid" every 3 weeks (or seeing their Droid 2 retired in a month) would mind if an iPhone arrived in winter, and a refresh then occurred 6 months later, possibly even later than that to allow AT&T the appearance of exclusivety by selling it first?