O2 UK refreshes 4G LTE tariffs, starts at £17 a month for 1GB

If you're looking for some 4G LTE of a British flavor to go with that new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c then O2 is making a new play for your custom. In a refresh to the carrier's 'Refresh' and 'Simplicity' packages, 1GB of 4G LTE data can be yours for as little as £17 a month.

The caveat there is that particular deal is on O2 Refresh, where the price of a phone and cellular plan are split into separate entities, so you would have to factor the cost of a phone in on top of that. And honestly, 1GB is a bit of a waste when it comes to 4G LTE. For a little more on the same plan you can get 5GB for £22 or 8GB for £27.

On the SIM-only tariff, Simplicity, prices for 4G LTE start at £21 a month on a 12-month term, with 5GB and 8GB available for £26 and £31 respectively. For many iPhone owners, it's these plans that may prove most enticing. In addition to this, existing O2 customers will see an increase in their data limits, and can migrate to a 4G contract providing their current plan has at least 1GB of data allowance on it.

For more, see the O2 4G site at the link below. Any of these deals sound enticing?

Source: O2 via Android Central

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Reader comments

O2 UK refreshes 4G LTE tariffs, starts at £17 a month for 1GB


Not bad. ThreeUK will go SIM only with 'All you can eat' data for £18. That's ALL YOU CAN EAT folks.
Not much 4G coverage yet tho.

Hmm... think I'll stick with Three as well. GBP15 a month for all you can eat data (and that's TRUE all you can eat data) trumps 1GB (or even 5GB) any day! No LTE where I am at the moment though, but to be honest, with their 3G speeds (regularly getting 18-19Mb/s on their 3G network at the moment), I'm not too worried!

Wow £27 (~$47 CAD) for 8GB on LTE? Damn we pay $70 here in Canada for 3GB which is a compete rip off compared to those rates.

Three is actually £12.90 a month for all-you-can-eat data if you get it now. They will honour this price when they roll out 4G in your area... the only snag is waiting until 4G arrives (especially if your 3G isn't great with them, like myself).