O2 UK unveils pricing for new 4G LTE tariffs ahead of the big switch on

The big UK 4G LTE race is about to heat up come August 29 with both O2 and Vodafone flipping the switch on the same day. Now, O2 has released their price structure, and confirmed that the tariffs will begin at £26 per month on a SIM-only basis:

O2’s 4G SIM only packages start at £26 for 1GB of data and go up to £36 a month for 5GB of data. If customers need additional data, they will be contacted about bolt-ons, which will be available at £6 for 500MB and £10 for 1GB.

O2 is offering a minimum of 1GB of data on all their 4G LTE tariffs, but until October 31 the carrier will be offering extra data on top of the regular allowance for the duration of the contract. £27 usually gets a 3GB allowance but will be boosted to 5GB, and for £32 the 5GB limit gets increased to 8GB.

Of course, initially iPhone owners will be out of luck, since O2's 4G LTE is incompatible with the current UK iPhone 5. However, with an event just around the corner on September 10, and an anticipated hardware launch well before the October 31 special offer cut-off, there's a good chance to get a deal on the next iPhone. Anyone jumping on board with O2's 4G LTE network?

Source: O2

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O2 UK unveils pricing for new 4G LTE tariffs ahead of the big switch on



Still have 12 months left of my O2 contract... But will be picking up a 5S from the Apple store when it's release.

Hoping that O2 will just let me swap my current data package and bolt ons for 4G data... (with an additional cost of course!)

I'm on Three UK now but I want to return to O2 because, 6 years later, no other network offers Visual Voicemail!

I'll look for deals when the new iPhone comes out.

Visual Voicemail is so over-rated. - im with 3, and would much rather have HD Voice on my iPhone 5!

For you maybe. I get at least 5 voice mails a day, sometimes more, and it's a bloody pain to navigate those using the stupid voice prompts. Just can't believe that all these carriers can't provide this service in 2013...

HD Voice is nice but most of my calls are from/to landlines anyway, so no HD there..

Without an unlimited data plan, I can't see the point of upgrading to 4G on O2 or EE or anyone for that matter. I'll be sticking with 3 network and with their HSDP-whatever until the competition hots up properly.