Office for iPad is better than ever with presenter view, export to PDF and more

Office for iPad

iPad owners who have been using Microsoft's suite of Office tools for the past few months can now download the first major update for those apps since they were first released in late March,. These version 1. 1 updates offer a number of additional features

The PowerPoint update for iPad can now incorporate video and audio in a presentation, and video can be embedded directly from the Camera Roll. Also, Presenter View can be enabled when projecting a PowerPoint presentation to another screen. Hyperlinks can be be edited inside the app and there are some new eraser and pen settings.

The Excel app now allows for PivotTabels to be sorted, filtered, expanded and collapsed, along with a way to refresh them and show details. There's also a new flick gesture. Microsoft says:

Simply grab the selection handle, flick it in any direction, and Excel will automatically select from where you started to the next blank cell. Say you're at the top of a column of data and want to select all the way to the bottom. Just flick down and the column is selected automatically.

There's also been some more printing improvements for Excel, such as scaling options and more paper sizes. Finally, there's a way for the app to use hardware keyboards so that users can access familiar keyboard specific shortcuts.

Excel, PowerPoint and Word all now can export documents to PDF files in this new Office update, along with new image editing tools for cropping and resetting photos. Finally, the Office for iPad apps support third party fonts for the first time.

Just a reminder: While the Office apps are free to download and use for viewing documents, a paid Office 365 subscription is needed to edit files with the apps. Do you like what Microsoft is offering for this first big Office for iPad update?

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Reader comments

Office for iPad is better than ever with presenter view, export to PDF and more


Apple needs to wake up and smell the coffee with iOS iWorks. On my iPad 3, I simply am unable to convert my Apple files to Microsoft files or to PDF, whether it is in Pages, Keynote or Numbers. The device crashes every single time. Workaround: extract via iTunes on PC and transfer to Goodreader then on the iPad open in Cloud Drive. (I sadly have no Mac.)

Unexplicably, on an iPhone 5S, I have zero problems to convert to PDF or to an MSFT file within iWorks. To make matters worse, my iPad's 64GB SSD is half full, plus I am running the latest iOS.

You should try logging into iCloud and exporting from there. Plus, you don't even need to have your device around to do it. At work (all Windows environment), I actually use iCloud more often than my iPad itself :)

In general, I like the Office for iPad apps. What I don't like is that there really isn't a decent option for individual users who want to use it for work (i.e. commercial purposes) without either 1) needing the company to buy a subscription for everyone (which they won't likely do) or 2) needing to buy the "premium" package to get tablet access (when we don't need the full office suite for desktop). If they took the small business premium version, took out the desktop apps, and charged $7-8/month, I'd sign up in an instant. As it stands right now, if I want to use the iPad apps for editing my work documents (which would be pretty darn handy), I need to subscribe to the Small Biz Premium package at $15/mo (or $150/year). I like my company, but I'm not going to spend that much just to be able to work from the airport. There needs to be a better commercial option for those of us who want to use the tablet versions for commercial purposes but do not need the desktop products.

I love these updates. Office for iPad has really become a wonderful piece of software. Minimal, fast, and compatible. It has replaced iWork and most simple text editors for me.

I hope these improvements foreshadow a soon to be released Office for Mac.

What does Office for iPad offer that Pages-Numbers does not?

I have found that pages gets better every update, and I do have word on my iPad just in case I feel a .doc might one day not load properly in Pages.
But so far I have had no issues with just using pages to open documents that I am sent.

Are you using it to make changes and send back and forth between people?
That may be the only reason I could imagine that I would even consider paying for Office again.

I get sent lots of documents daily, mostly scripts and transcripts with lots of tables and images.
So far no issues.

That said I did need to get someone to send me all the default MS fonts which I installed on my iPad using 'Fondfont'. That makes most documents look about the same.
Also these days I insist that people send out PDFs of important documents that need the layout to be locked.
But this is just common sense as I have seen the look of Word documents change in various versions when sending between Mac and older PCs.

Well, it's just easier to use Word to open school .doc files instead of Pages. I don't care for Pages 5 on the Mac so using the iPad version is rather isolated.

I also find it's UI much MUCH better. Apple hides so much behind all these menus where as Microsoft puts it all there in the ribbon. And Numbers simply can't compete with Excel for any except the most basic spreadsheets.

It's just personal preference.

I just wish Excel would go back to being a digital spreadsheet and not have a replica of the paper spreadsheet ( This is where Numbers is definitely better).