Official BBM how-to videos show the ropes to new iOS users

BBM is starting to get (kinda-sorta) rolled out today on iOS, and to get folks acclimatized, BlackBerry has posted a few how-to videos on their YouTube channel. Videos show how to manage groups, how read/delivered receipts work, handling multi-person chat, checking status updates, sharing files, and adding contacts.

You'd think for the occasion they'd shoot these on an Android or iOS device of some kind, but the overall UI doesn't change much platform to platform. It's all pretty straightforward, though potentially useful for those of you that managed to get in line for BBM early. 

How many of you guys are going to be trying it out? Those that aren't, are you happy with your existing instant messaging options, or is there room for some competition? It's hard to beat the native integration of iMessage on multiple screens, that's for sure. 


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Reader comments

Official BBM how-to videos show the ropes to new iOS users


My company still issues BB's to some employees, so i have one, but my wife has an iPhone and I downloaded it so we can BBM. Waiting for the email to start!

I signed up early so I'm using it as well, though I have no contacts my friends are waiting for the email so I'm as good as they are but can't wait to try it, I'm a what'sapp user so we shall see

Any workaround for the "Setting up BBM" screen that I keep getting stuck on? I have tried to start, restart, uninstall, reinstall, and do a hard reset on the iPhone. Still keep getting stuck on that screen. Let it sit for over 1 hour last time but still never set-up. I was a previous Blackberry user. So, I already had my Blackberry ID.

I was able to sign in with my old blackberry profile ID and it seems to be working just fine on my iPhone 5 other than I am not getting any audible notification when I receive a BBM. I'm getting tones for regular texts so its got to be a problem with the app, not my phone.