Coachella music festival deploying iBeacons for localized notifications

Coachella for iPhone

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is amping up their tech game for 2014. Both their iPhone and Android apps have been seen an overhaul for the two-weekend event in California, and while the redesign is nice, it's the use of iBeacons that really piqued our interest.

Coachella will be distributing iBeacons throughout the Empire Polo Club venue. The hundreds of thousands that attend Coachella this year will be able to use those iBeacons combined with the Coachella app to get localized notifications, presumably to tell you about things that are about to happen nearby. This sort localized notification system is a fairly standard implementation for how iBeacons use was envisioned, though it's at least a step up in granularity from the MLB's use of iBeacons to send notifications to iPhone users in an entire stadium.

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Coachella music festival deploying iBeacons for localized notifications