Official iMore app gets updated for iPhone 5, adds Launch Center Pro support

Official iMore app gets updated for iPhone 5, adds Launch Center Pro support

We've updated the official iMore app to take advantage of the new iPhone 5 and iPod touch 4-inch, 16:9 display, and it's just gone live on the App Store. Now you can get even more of everything you love about iMore, right in the app. That's more news, more reviews, more how-tos, more podcasts, more contests, and more... more.

Because we're a bunch of geeks, we've also added support for David Barnard and Justin Youens' phenomenal Launch Center Pro, so now not only can you launch the iMore from the Home screen, you can launch it from Launch Center Pro as well.

We've also added the ability to copy links to the clipboard for easier and more flexible sharing. Huge thanks, as always, to Tammy Coron, Seth Clifford and the team at Nickelfish for all the work they put in.

This is an interim update. We've been listening to all of your feedback and we're working hard on an big update to bring you a lot of the features you've been requesting, so stay tuned. And in the meantime, go grab your tallboy iMore app and get ready for all our iPad and Mac event coverage coming your way tomorrow!

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Official iMore app gets updated for iPhone 5, adds Launch Center Pro support


This update requires ios 6.0 or later......................

I love iMore. And I love the app. But I find I rarely use apps that aren't design for the iPad, or moreover, that are only designed for the iPhone or iPod. Please make this app for the new iPad with retina display resolution. Then it'll be perfect. Thank you.

Great job on the update. One feature I'd really love to have: a font size selector. I find the articles' text font size too small to read comfortably. Thanks.