Official iMore iPhone 5 launch t-shirts!

Official iMore iPhone 5 launch t-shirts!

Love iMore? Love the iPhone 5? Of course you do! And here's your chance to show it! Just in time for Apple's big September 12 special iPhone 5 event, we've got your special edition iMore t-shirts rocking and ready to go!

They use a similar streaming icon pattern as Apple's iPhone 5 event banners, and feature iMore's always awesome, iconic design. (Grab the free matching wallpaper if you haven't already!)

Order early. Order often...

$14.40 - Order now

Note: The above t-shirt is a mockup, I'm still waiting anxiously for my t-shirt to arrive! Like my iPhone 5...! The actual t-shirt design looks more like what's shown on the order page, above.


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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It would be nice if you guys had shirt sizes that fit actual size men (3XL). I haven't been able to wear 2xl since 95.

alkite says:

There is really such a thing as 3xl?

JPiLLa says:

heaven forbid we would go down in XL numbers instead of up...that would be too ambitious.

Byzantium says:

Is anybody from iMore going to be at the keynote?

Raptor007 says:

Georgia, great taste in flowers those are my wife's favorite (also a redhead too). I would like to get a launch day shirt, but my cash is being held with a death grip so I can spring for my iP5 64GB on Verizon . . . not sure black or white on this one plus AppleCare+ and a case :)

rkevwill says:

It is a nice shirt. But then, Georgia makes any shirt look good :)

teepeeayy says:

How many do I need to order to convince Georgia to deliver them personally?

slalomskie says:

How do we get pre worn shirts from Georgia?

PapaNihilist says:

Jesus Christ, Really -get a life