Official: not posting any more zany ways people are destroying iPhone 4

I woke up this morning to find several more emails from people who wanted us to post the looney-toons-esque ways they'd found to destroy an iPhone 4 over the weekend.

And strangely I my interest level in them floated precisely around zero.

If you have a spare iPhone 4 give it to charity. Or an Android user. Something. Just stop wasting them -- i.e. writing them off as marketing investments leveraged against their return value as link-bait -- because I'm not posting them any more.

(Unless someone figures out how to shoot it with a freaking laser, feed the parts to a shark, and then see if the shark blends.)

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Official: not posting any more zany ways people are destroying iPhone 4


Thank you Rene!!! I was getting so tired of people becoming shocked when they heard glass shattered when steamrolled!

Yes, especially for us that tried for 8 hours to pre-order one and now have to wait a friggin month to get one!
"Unless someone figures out how to shoot it with a freaking laser, feed the parts to a shark, and then see if the shark blends"

I totally agree, it's immature and wasteful. The only one worth watching is Blendtec, other than that I'm looking for news on jailbreaks and reception fixes

Cause unlike your evo its not pefect out of the box. Ill be the first to admit it.
Just like "root" for droids , jailbreak unlocks the full ability of the phone.
personally I like apps such as lockinfo / notifier / quick sms / backgrounder (i dont think the new multitasking is that great) / and mywi.
I hate droid fanboys who give criticism to the need to jailbreak. They say that the droid is "open" , well no one is really disputing that , but what do you think happens when you jailbreak. So what if its not standard. Does it really make a difference?

Android users troll iPhone posts because they need to find ways to keep telling themselves that they've made the better purchase.

Phone 4 isn't perfect, so what? Everybody has his/her own choice, and pays his/her money. Anybody trying to persuade those people to buy or not to buy is biosed. Fullstop ;)

Honestly, it's hilarious how non-iPhone users bleed green! LOL!!! If you don't like iPhone just buy whatever else you like, enjoy it and off with your life! That's why we have choices. As for me, I love my iPhone and that's it. I don't give a flip what others buy or what they think about my purchase. The day somebody else pays my phone bill I might care what they think.

I don't care what anybody says, the speed,responsiveness,and fluidity of the iPhone 4 is unmatched by ANY other smartphone on the market.

Do you guys really all have reception problems? I tried holding it the way that covers up the bottom left corner antenna, but find it awkward to do so. And my display is as smooth as my S-IPS laptop panel. Now let's see the MacBook Pro's get IPS and I just might get a laptop from Apple.

Thank you so much for not posting. I never understood spending money like this, and then destroying the phone for 5 min of fame. There are abuse women shelters out there that will accept old cell phones of any kind, to give to the women. You may save a life, and never know it. That would be a better use.

Yes, yes, yes! Destroying these phones just to make a video is not only stupid but shows how people have deteriorated! I so agree with the donate it if you have it!!! So many people could really use something nice in their life right now and could really appreciate the help. I hate to see how we have devolved.

Thank you. The wanton destruction is stupid, and the "do it to annoy the Apple cultists" attitude is sickening. If you don't like it, fine. But buying it just to destroy it? Puhleaze.
I'm glad to see TiPb take a more sensible attitude.

I've never watched one single iPhone-destroying (or any other product-destroying) video here, or anywhere else.
Asinine. :roll:

I have not had a problem at all with reception! I live in Florida, waited 5 1/2 hrs for this thing. Hopped on a plane to Vegas have been here for 4 days & not a problem with reception. The only problem I have had is that USA lost to Ghana! WTF!!!! Love this phone!!! Haters not reply! iPhone for life!

I'm very positive when it comes to life in general.
However , dealing with whiners like yourself I choose to say it like it is , handing you a bitesize of reality as who you are. A troll. ;)
You chose to go with Evo. Good for you. Why feel the need to come here unless you regret not being an iPhone 4 owner.
Then again maybe I shouldn't be too hard on you. The Evo should comes in handy for you to keep busy while you drop the basket in the fryer and wait for the DING.
DING FRIES ARE DONE :lol: Enjoy your great phone and I'll do the same. ;)

@Verko Amen, Brother! (Sister?)
FYI, I've had zero problems with my iPhone 4. I've held it all sorts of ways, have not dropped below four bars even once, and live in a poor non-3G reception area! My wife's is the same.
I call shenanigans on this whole antenna band business! Danish professor or not! :)

All phones have issues and smart phones should be handled a little better than people trying to destroy them. That being said, iPhone 4 does not seem to hold up well to being assaulted by these nuts. The glass does not seem as strong as Apple had indicated. Unlike the EVO's Gorilla Glass that those guys tried to scratch and couldnt. I would never treat my phone like these people do and both phone should be fine, if you treat them right.

the reason apple draws all the hate is because of this douchey attitude that some how apple and its users are more savvy than everyone else. Getting your balls twisted up because people smash the phone is exactly why they do it, and you don't see the same thing for blackberrys.

Cant we all just get along, im an iphone user and like android phones also, just because we use and like one phone do we have to hate on the others

I think just being obnoxiously wasteful is what angers some people. I for one couldn't care if it was a cell phone (iPhone, evo, etc.), a brand new car, a new guitar, whatever. It's moronic. Perhaps the iPhone crowd is a touch more sensitive. Regardless, it's incredibly stupid and an awful waste of time for everyone. I agree with the blog's owner of not "humoring" everybody by posting said videos.

Dont give it to any Android user , we dont want them LOL , especially the way the built this piece of crap called iPhone 4 , no thank you , there is so much more choice with Android , open your eyes people

Man that tipb t-shirt is expensive, I just got some nice t-shirts from t.j. max for 5.99
people destroying iphones use to make me cringe, before the 4th one

And it's macboy get your eyes checked. Lol why are you on a apple blog anyway? Do you think listing the short comings of the Jesus phone your going to get people to switch over to android? People will choose what they want we are all big boys and girls. Excluding yourself of course. Rene do us veterans of the blog a favor ditch the trolls.

yeah, give it to me one,
i'm indonesian, and iphone arrives in my country every february,
that would be a long wait,
can you make a comparison test for "retina dispaly" and amoled screen that most htc phone use???
i'm not really sure, that retina display is the best,

I dont understand why all these people are destroying there iphones, by microwaving them or blending them, there are people out there that really want one and cant, and then you get the people destroying them, i would love to have the new iphone, so if you are thinking about destroying yours then think about me and do something good and give it to me, ul get more satisfaction by doing carity then destroying for 2mins!!

Why would i want to play horrible games like that when i can get FULL fledged quality games on the iPhone from the App store? Which all work, and beautifully i might add/ With push notifications for even the great multiplayer ones, automatic publishing to facebook with your scores etc etc.
I also have a job... so... a .99 cent app which works well, and plays better then android games, vs going to a website to play "games" for free?
pretty much a no brainer here.
The flash debate is about as dead as my need for flash.

@ Milk
Right on Brothah! You tell that Andy to get a job! Just do it in a positive way or else Hakala will cry.
@ MacGirl15
When does this magical Jesus phone come out? Does it have an iSheep app in the marketplace? Please advise....

When reading this post it reminded me of something I read the other day in a Playstation Website, would there be any chance I could have the authors email address, Great blog thanks for the infomation.

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