Official Sega Genisis Emulator for iPhone Coming Soon


Unofficial emulators and Apple are not a good mix, so when we heard from Gizmodo that Sega is planning on releasing an official emulator, all of us here at TiPb cheered with joy.

Sometime in February you can expect to see the emulator application packaged with Space Harrier II free of charge. Then, with the use of Apple's in-app purchasing, you will be able to add the following titles.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: $5.99
  • Golden Axe: $4.99
  • Ecco the Dolphin: $2.99
  • Shining Force: $2.99

So what do you gamers out there think about this setup? Let us know in the comments below!

[via Gizmodo]

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Reader comments

Official Sega Genisis Emulator for iPhone Coming Soon


$6 for one game when the collection is available for PS2/PSP for $20 (or less) at retail? (The collection includes 2 versions of Sonic, 3 Ecco, 3 Golden Axe, 3 Phantasy Star...) The suggested price point for the apps seems really high.

Megadrive actually! (well in the uk anyway!)
sounds like a good idea, but sonic and golden axe are already available in the app store and when i tried sonic on a friends iphone i wasnt that impressed.
it would be funny if the emulated version was better than the official app.
Some games id like to see emulated through this...

  • Golden Axe II
  • Streets of rage II
  • California Games
  • Road Rash
  • Bubsy Bobcat

The emulator just means that rather than 10 Sega games strewn over your iPhone, you can keep them organized under just one icon. Think of it as a brand folder.
Also, prices will likely go down or fluctuate like any iPhone game. If you can't wait, it'll be more expensive. If you can, you'll pick it up on sale...

if there were some way of allowing me to add my own games and ROMS to the mix, this would be a great idea.
for now, i'll stick with the free one that I can do that with on my jailbroken iPhone 3G...

3 bucks for shining force seems like a steal IMO. I'll probably pick up Ecco for nostalgia's sake as well.

Have they asked apple if this would be approved? I recall the SDK having a caveat, no code interpreters!

lol at the pricing scheme. if theyre going to pull t his crap, then i should legally be able to download the rom and play on my computer or other devices.

there are some really cheap people on these boards. 6 dollars for a video game and this fury? don't pay for it if it's gonna break the bank, sheesh

Streets of Rage II and Altered Beast, bring them on!
Hopefully this emulator will run better than Sega's current poor quality ports.

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