Official "I survived iPhone 4 release day" comment thread

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Kachow. We did it TiPb nation. The great iPhone 4 release day of 2010 in is in the books. And what a release day it was -- lineups started the night before and extended around (and around) the block. No white iPhones were available, of course, and if you didn't have a reservation odds of even scoring a black one diminished rapidly as the day wore on.

There were lows -- yellow blotches that may or may not disappear with time, and an antenna problem if you hold it with your left hand on its left corner (which Apple now says not to do!). It made our old iPhone 3GS' look a tad dated. (Except after some people dropped one. Sigh.)

But oh, those highs -- gorgeous photos and video, FaceTime chats galore. There's a bunch of great iPhone 4-ready apps, including iMovie, and our own TiPb iPhone 4 Store is giving 10% pre-order accessories. We had iPhone 4 get ready guides, and we gave away two iPhone 4, and are getting ready to help give away another.

So now, once again rendered near exhausted by Apple’s iPhone release day, we turn the comments over to you.

Celebrate, commiserate, laugh, cry, regale us with your war stories and battle scars, or just mellow out and chat the night away. You’ve earned it.

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Official "I survived iPhone 4 release day" comment thread


I was at thr flagship store in nyc dat walkin line was hugeeeeee they said they had enough also i won a $50 apple gift card on the line and they gave out endless bottles of water n iphone cases

No celebration here...was given a voucher to go pickup my reserved iPhone tomorrow since they were forced to close the store by the mall management.
My question is why weren't reservations give complete priority today??!!??

Oh man. I guess I got spoiled. Strolled into beat buy about 10:30am preorder day. 5 minutes tops. Got a call day before release day set appointment for 8:00am. Pulled up to the parking lot about 10 after 8 on release day. Out by 8:30.
I've spent more time picking out socks at the Nike outlet.

Mines came in at 3:30pm at work. There wasn't even a single iPhone4 in the AT&T store here in St Croix. I didn't expect that but I'm glad my order came through.

Going to sound crazy but got at my local apple store at 2:30am and was not out until 12:30pm. 10 long hours but hey I got an iPhone!

I enjoyed watching the days festivities from afar on my (now extremely dated) 3G.
I loved all of the reports throughout the day from TiPb. It was like watching a championship sporting event.
I didn't end up getting one today, but feel much more informed for when I do go for mine.
Thanks to all at TiPb for doing what you do.

I waited for 7 hrs in fort worth and got my iPhone at 8:30am. Only got 2 hr sleep before heading up there and here I am, still playing on this phone.

Showed up at Grand Rapids Apple Store at 4PM (no preorder) and left at 8PM with 2 Iphone 4 32GB Good Job Apple Store, even after they had been open all day they were so nice.

Ughhhh horrible day for me. I had been tracking my phone since it was shipped like a hawk. Saw that it had been delivered and signed for, so I called up the ATT store and they said none had been delivered.
So I did what any girl does when her 360 dollar purchase is missing, I freaked. I called fed ex, I printed the delivery confirmation letter, kept calling and harassing ATT. Finally found out the person who signed doesn't even work at Att, there is NO ONE there by that name.
So I freak out more. Like hyperventilate gunna throw up kinda freaking out. I called fed ex back and they say they will get a description from the driver. Got said description, called ATT back, dude definitely doesn't work there. So now other customers are calling saying where the hell is my phone, 40+ phones are missing, so now ATT is freaking out.
Im still in contact with ATT and FED EX, Fed EX calls and says they grilled the driver, and he is adamant about dropping it off at the correct address at the cell phone store. So they grill him more, he describes his surrounding when he dropped it off, and turns out he dropped it off at..... wait for it.... FLIPPING VERIZON !!!!!!!!
And the douche that worked at VERIZON signed for over 40 iPhones AND when the manager at ATT went over to pick them up the Verizon dude had opened 3 peoples boxes, and when asked " dude why the hell didn't you call us?" His answer was, " I didn't have Att's number."
WTF, several people should lose their jobs, but i am relieved to say that after a few hours of sheer madness I do have my phone.

I had a blast!!! I was in line at the apple store at the summit in Birmingham, al. There was free coffee, donuts, fruit cups, chicken biscuits, and water! My old 3G had been cracked for over a month so the upgrade was totally worth it!!!

Didn't preorder or anything..just showed up at best-buy at 10 there was no line whatsoever left best buy with my iPhone in about 20 mins (:

Spent 6hours at Atlantic city apple...conversated w/ some really cool people the apple team was very accomodating from endless water supply to cookies and muffins the wait while excruciating at times was well worth this phone is amazing haven't charged since like 2pm and still at 44% too

I walked in my apple store at 8:30 told them i wanted to by a reserve that hadnt been picked up. I had to wait till they locked the doors and took care of the people in line . At that point they had some left. I walked out with the last 16g and a 32 g

I attempted to pre-order through Radio Shack the minute they started taking pre-orders. As you know, the system crashed and my pre-order wasn't able to be put in. The Manager informed me that he would put my name on a list and keep it in the store. I requested 2 black 16 gb iphone 4's. He said no problem. I called in a few days after the pre-order should have been entered and the Manager confirmed that no pre-order was entered, but my name was on the list. He said he would call me when the phones came in. I didn't have much confidence in getting them on launch day.
Unbelievably, he called me 2 days ago and said they got 2 Iphones in and he was holding them aside for me. I showed up this morning at 10am, when they opened and walked in with my 2 trade ins (one 3gs and one 3g). He said, you must be Roy. I couldn't believe it was going to be this easy. He then pulled out the 2 new phones and said he had them all set for me. They were the only 2 phones Radio Shack received for launch day. In less than 10 minutes, he had both of them activated and after trade ins, I walked away with 2 brand new 16 gb iPhone 4's for $130. To make it even better he said that each phone came with a $20 coupon to purchase an accessory. I was able to get 2 free cases on top of it. Not bad for 10 minutes of my time and $130 bucks. The ATT store across the mall had 180 pre-orders confirmed before the system crash and they only received 10 phones in. The manager of the att store offered to purchase some from Radio shack early this am, but my man Zack (Manager of Radio Shack) told him no....they only received 2 and he was holding them for me. I feel very lucky today. Oh, by the way, the iPhone 4 is awesome!

My lovely wife picked mine up from Apple store in Frisco, TX. She was in and out in less than 15min. She said it was very organized.
Dont forget to get your SquareTrade warranty. they emailed me a code "SUNSHINE" for 30% off today. got mine, im covered for water and drops :)

Wow what stories i live in fl and pre ordered at the shack lol and they called me no lines or nothin in and out with my 32gb in 5 min literally

I waited 5 and half hours in Phoenix (luckily I was inside though) and finally got mine. All worth it, the retina display is amazing and the list can go on. Just wish I knew someone else with one so I could use FaceTime!

Apple store outside of Boston. In an out around 1pm within 15 mins. Very organized. They even offered free coffee and water.

Ended up going to menlo park apple store in edison, nj at 5:20 got my phone at about 9:30 , went alone, had a good time with good people, it was my first time going on launch day and it wont be my last

Fedex delivered my 32Gb iPhone at 1100am today. Wow! Helluva upgrade over the 3G! I'm especially impressed with the battery life and camera/video.

walk up to my new att store at 6:52 am i was one of 4 that got the peroders i was first it was quick and easy

Frisco Tx Apple store rocked!! Line in mall from 12:40pm for about an hour and walked out with a 32 and 16 and had only reserved a 16. They were so together. And California Pizza Kitchen served free pizza in line!! Great experience. Happy. Took me some time to restore and sync later at home. Really want a case. Need to find one.

I got to the mall in Wayne Nj at 4am to find the police and mall cops chasing people away until 6am, well at a few minutes to 5 the last cops left and the crowd was like a swarm of bees going towards the door that opened at 6 pm.I was like 20th in line so when it was time to stand at the apple store I ended up 5th in the reserved line while my buddy was 30th in the walk in line. They were taking 10 reserved for every 1 walk in so while I was 5 th in line and was out of the store by 7:14am he was essentially 330th in line and didn't get out till about 10:45. Ouch! There were about 2000 people there by 7 am including the 700 reservations

Every time Fed Ex is supposed to deliver to my house they don't. They claim it doesn't exist. And then I have to call and b@tch at them to come back out and give me my crap. Didn't think id have that problem with ATT. Obviously, I was wrong. Fed Ex just sucks... period.

i survived!!!! got to the mall at 5:30 am and got my phone around 10. it was totally worth the wait!! i love it!!

15 hours in line at mission viejo mall in so cal, it was nuts, lots of cool people and tons of free water, food, even cookies and ice cream! I'm ready to do it again!!!!

Walked into my local AT&T store at 3:00 to pick up my preorder and was out before 3:30! Piece of cake!

i wonder who those handsome devils are? Oh wait, thats us! haha! We all had a great time at the launch. We laughed, we cried, we even did some provocative dancing ;)

took me about 20min. I had one reserved at ATT. I just went in and they handed it to me, didnt even ask for ID. haha!

Why is my HTC Evo so much better than your iGizz? FYI- Don't touch your phone or you will drop your calls. Enjoy.

@ Rob
I was at fair oaks too! I was out of the mall by 8:30AM but i had a reservation. There were a ton of people though!

Went to Glendale galleria here in south Cali took me about two hours in line to get my reserved iPhone 4. I did cut through one point.

I spent from 6:30-9:30 in the apple line. That's passed the closed time (;
Got my iPhone 4 and typing this on it now!! :D

After AT&T moved back their launch day, I decided to wait out as a walk in for today's release: I waited at one of the only three Apple stores in Las Vegas at midnight to get one. I was really dehydrated because I didn't want to drink water afraid to lose my spot up front. I was the 3rd walk in. I let a guy ahead of me bring his wife in because she was pregnant. It was a hassle as everyone got different information from apple stores and mall security. People were sneaking in the locked mall, people who did sneak in tried to cut the people who were waiting already when security escorted them out. I'm glad there was security. For every 40 reserves, they let in about 6 walk ins

Yeah I was there at 6am but had to leave bc I had work. I went back at like 5pm and didn't get out until 10:30pm they were letting the walk ins go first, messed up.

Pre-ordered mine with Best Buy on the 15th. Confirmed on Wednesday that they were in stock and made a 9 am appointment to pick it up. Showed up and was out the door in about 15 minutes. The phone is amazing. I have been recording HD videos all day and now Im putting them all together with iMovie for iPhone. Cant believe how well FaceTime works.

Got to the Memphis store at 4:00am this morning and was out by 8:30. Had a great experience, but next year will be a "ship it to the damn house" thing.

Hey guys, I'm an interested jealous observer from Australia, can I ask how much are the 16 GB & 32GB iPhone 4's selling for outright? I am curious to get an idea what we will be paying for them when they are released here?

Apple Store in Temecula, CA. Pre-ordered for delivery from on the 15th; got cancelled. Tried everywhere, Apple was the only option. 3:30 AM arrival time, ~ 110 in line for no pre-order. They let us use the store bathroom until 6 AM. At 6:30, started bringing all-you-can-drink Kirkland Signature water (continued for the remainder of the day).
7:30, about 40 dozen donuts. 8:30, gave us free, high-quality umbrellas to battle the sun. 9:45, platters of Togo’s sandwiches. At 12:30, when I was about 20 from the front (yes, it moved THAT SLOW) they told us after explicitly stating earlier in the day that there would be enough phones for everyone in line (350-400, not including pre-orders), that there wouldn’t be enough for most of us. Riot nearly ensued.
Luckily, the manager came out and corrected that and I snagged 2 32GB at 1:45 PM. Almost 11.5 hours in line, and while I regret Apple’s ineptitude regarding the pre-order process, I don’t regret getting it one bit. Here’s to my line-mates!

@dorito im surprised you know what a phone call is like, even with your evo, i mean you are on sprints network. just sayin, oh, and hows that 4g working out for you? i think their 4g covers, what, 8 square inches of the US? haha...haters..

Anyone who stands on line near 12 hours for anything is a moron never mind to purchase a phone for crying out loud . The hype of this phone is just.that , all hype , the phone leaves a be desired andappears to be a piece of junk with its issues already . It also seems like Apple copied other phones technology I'm this thing only.not anywhere near as good , this phone will be an epic flop . You couldn't give me one of those things !!! CRAP !!!

Man, I was at the Woodfield mall store and I didn't get a shirt :(
I did get my sweet iPhone 4 after waiting in the pre-order line from 5:30 am to 10:00 am...

i got my phone from best buy at 10am pst and nop issues i was out in less than 15 min , the phone its awesome, i just hope a jailbrake is around the corner

I was 100th in line when I showed up at 3:30am at the Reston, VA Apple store. After opening at 7am they processed 50 reserves per 1 walk in. By 9:30am the had only processed ONE walk in customer, about 500 people had not moved one inche and were livid. I left in discust and drove to Radio Shack at 9:45am where I was 3rd in line for a 10am opening. Had my 32gb shortly after.
I am shocked at how few walk ins Apple processed, last year at Fair Oaks the ratio was more like 3 or 4 to one not FIFTY to one. Walk ins are customers too very few were lucky enough to reserve or preorder.

I spent 16 hours on the non reserve line at Smith haven mall in NY. I finally got a 16gb phone! I'm just waking up after having 35 hrs of NO SLEEP.
Am I a crazy person. Yes.
Was it worth it? Totally yes.

My buddy went as walk into to a new store opening today. No preorders available since it was a new store. 3000 people showed up. Wow he got there early am and left at 4pm!

Apple Store in Modesto, CA. DISASTER for Walk-in customers.
Buyers got there at 4AM. Every hour until opening, buyers in line were told by management that they were guaranteed a phone. Opened at 7AM and the line moved a considerable amount.
For the next 5 hours buyers were stuck in one section of the line as Apple allowed 12 reservation customers for every 1 walk in customer. 8 hours later with the line still barely moving, management FINALLY comes out to tell walk-in customers that there are no more phones available. 100 people standing in line stunned. Those who were guaranteed phones repeatedly complain to management.
Modesto, CA Apple Store Management Team was probably the worst I've ever seen dealing with customers.

Easiest thing ever! Walked up to the Modesto, ca apple store around 9:15. There was about 10 people in line as I walked up by the time I got to the line there was one person in front of me. Waited at the most two minutes. They came and asked me what phone I wanted and I fallowed her in. About 35 minutes later I'm walking out with two new iphone4's
So simple!
I didn't reserve anything just a walk up customer.

I know that it doesn't completely count but I got mine mailed to me at home. And I love it. Except for the fact that I couldn't get it activated because of AT&T system errors

Love the iPhone 4 - it is awesome. Delivered right to my house by FedEx by noon - no problems at all. Simple activation - and off I went into 4.0 heaven. This phone is a major step up from my 3G. And as far as the antenna problem - I've tried holding it all different ways and I have NOT been able to duplicate the "loss of signal" problems. Apple has raised the bar again - great phone :)

Reached An Apple Store On 66th Street At 6 AM Didn't Leave Until 2PM, Apple Took Care Of Us By Giving Free Water & Having Starbucks Give Out Free Food

I received my AT&T pre-order at the office yesterday - no fanfare, unfortunately no TiPb t-shirt either but the phone is in hand.
I applaud those that stood in line endlessly to get theirs (or try to get theirs) - but that "mosh pit crowd" thing just isn't for me. :)

Got to a local mall housing an Apple Store around 8:00 pm Wednesday night, to already find 9 people in line waiting! I got my lawn chair, brought my food, and setup shop. It was along night, but one that was fun and filled with talks of iPhone 4 for a PLETHORA of hours!
I was 10th in line, walked out with activated iPhone 4 at 8 a.m.
Life is good.

I drove an hour and a half to my nearest apple store. I got there at 11:00 pm on Wednesday about 10mins in line it rained like crazy of course had no umbrella I was 34th in line at this time. After the rain died down most people had left so I became third in line. All was great until around 2:00am when security came they told us because of the location we have to leave the premises at 2:30am or police will be called. Sure enough at 2:30am the cops come and escorted us of the grounds and we were told to come back at 5:00am to start lining up. So I went to the nearest gas station freed my blatter and waited til 3:45am. I drove back by the apple store and saw that the cops left so there was about five people in line so I rushed over and got me a spot. Well the cops were called back so again I had to leave, but this time I went to the back of the parking lot turned off the lights and parked. So after the cops left again people came back lining up. This time it is around 4:20am. I was around 8th inline until for some reason the security moved the line from the front of the store to the side. About 20 people were in front me most of which just showed at and had been there for maybe 10 minutes at the most. Well the line stayed as is up until day broke and it was around 6:00am. This is when Apple employees started to show up as they gave us snacks and water. Well although thing seemed to be looking better the clouds formed and rained even more. This time Apple gave us umbrella, how nice of them. Once the rain stopped again employees began asking us the model of iPhone we want checking inventory on there nefty app or iPod touch. Oh I can smell my iPhone now, yet I was again wrong. Once the door open the employees started to pull in customers. The was two lines, reserves and purchases, I was in purchases. Well the ratio given straight from Apple corp. was 50:1. So as I watch the line for reserves get smaller our line became larger because of people just joining our line. Yes joining our line just walking up and staying. Neither apple nor security did anything. Until we started to rebel and cops had to be called. So the cops came and kicked like five or 6 people out for cutting. It was awesome but we still had to wait for apple until the employees notice we were angry tired and what every else you would be after waiting in line for almost 10 hours. So the ratio changed to about 10:3. Well around 9:45am we started chanted and booing depending who came out with their phone which was really fun for those guys who were cutting. They got booed really bad. After all of this I was finally called into the store meet with praise of employees clapping and cheer such a great feeling. I got my 32gb iPhone 4 and the overprice Black Bumper case. Activated my phone in less than 30 seconds. As I walked out the store the cheers were again present. A perfect way to capped off possible the most agonizing 10 hours I ever faced. So this is my story on how "I survived iPhone released day!'

A friend of mine got one last night around 9:30 pm. She went to a Wal Mart and forced them to search the truck that they hadn't opened the night before. They found two phones and she got one.
I went to the apple store and was told there were 15 more people in line than there were phones. I said screw this I am going to Wal Mart. I was the first one in line they had three phones one is in my hand.

I have been a slave to Apple ever since the first iPhone surfaced. Ensured I got mine on launch day etc. But have a JB iPhone 3GS and having gotten the iPad the day before it's official release (UPS delivered early!!) I feel that enough is enough. I will probably skip the iPhone 4G and just wait for iPhone 5 which is bound to be launched next summer if the Apple way of doing things remains constant.
Glad you guys over the pond enjoy your adventures, but I am just beginning to feel that Apple are asking us to shell out too much on a too regular basis, so I am exercising my right to say 'no' for once! That said, if I sadly have one arrive in my hot little hands, I just might find myself spellbound into purchasing anyway ;-)

Showed up around 11.30pm at the Upper West Side Apple store in NYC. When i got there there were aprox. 120 people in front of me and as time went by we heard the store had around 600 phones in stock (i liked my chances). As most of you wrote once it was 6am the line of reserves pulled up and it was not nice to see them going by one after another and the Purchases line not moving at all.
After Much Much patience i was able to get mine aroun 10.15am. By the time i left the store i could not believe how long the line was, it went all around the block and back! I am so glad i decided to go and camp out when i did. however i think next time i will preorder with home shipping.

I was at the Apple Store in Atlanta (Perimeter). Got there at 2 and couldn't even count which person I was about half the mall back from the store. I sent my husband back out to REI to go get me a camping chair. LOL. The Apple people came around offering us Altoids for the first hour or so and then we didn't see them again for another 5 hours when they came by with Rice Krispies treats.
Overall, I was in line for about 6.5 hours and had really good line mates. We would let people leave to go shopping at the store across from us or run to the food court and still hold their place in line. They were taking people from both the Reservations and the walk-in line at the same ratio which was pissing off the Reservation people. We would boo every time a walk-in went in (we were a little testy after 5 hours in line) but we then got in trouble with security so we had to stop. LOL.
They also cut off the Reservations line at 9 p.m. and sent all the walk-in people over there so that they could get phones that weren't claimed. Some of those people had been there since 4:30 am so I was happy that I reserved. LOL. Even if it meant 6.5 hours in line!

Horrible experience. Back started hurting. Couldnt get out of line to use the restroom. Apple employees were rude. Had to be 1000 people. Love my phone tho!

Waited from 12am and got it at 12 pm on the dot! I was first come first serve and number 33 on the line(which eneded up not being a official list from apple). It was 1 first come first to every 20 preorders for the first 3 hours of being open at freehold mall nj. Just glade to have the phone and sleep again!

I spent 9 hours on 6/15 starting at midnight trying to get my iphone 4 preordered and I successfully pre-ordered it and it came on 6/23 via FedEx. I didn't have any sick time or vacation time to use from my job, camping out at my local Apple store was not an option. I also couldn't arrange any child care for my 2 young children. So, preordering was the only way I could get the iphone 4 and I am glad I was able to.

I got in line on the 23rd at 11:00 pm. I was tenth in line and received my phone without reservation around 8:00 am on the 24th. Totally worth the wait. Some kid brought a LCD tv, ps3 and a mixing board. Beats games and movies all night long!!!!!!' The mall that we were hanging out in front of even let us run an extention cord for power. Thanks Rocking Ham park mall security guard Molly!!!!! Good times and I love my phone.

Great experience at the Greensboro, NC store. Water, sunscreen, coffee, snacks. Waited 3 hours in line with fine folks and good conversation. Had athe usual Apple personal shopping experience once inside. Left with new iPhone and black bumper 10 mins later. Great time overall. 31/2 hours total. :)

I don’t understand why Apple gets a pass for being incompetent, unfriendly, and disorganized. First their “pre-order” system was an unmitigated disaster. A relatively minor percentage of the customer base tried to pre-order the phone, and it crashed their servers. Apple is a computer company, not a laundry-mat. A company that wants a reputation for computers that work would buy some decent servers and hire someone to write proficient software.
Then, on product launch day, Apple gave me a time window of 14 hours. My cable company does a better job. The line to pick up “pre-ordered” iPhones was five hours long, and Apple saw absolutely nothing wrong with that. They were not taking names or offering to text message people when their turn came, they were just telling people to stand in line and wait. Five hours.
If 500 people showed up at McDonalds with only an hour warning, they would have some sort of system to deal with it. They would have pagers, or rain checks, or extra employees, or something. But when 500 people show up at an Apple store with a month’s advance notice, the Apple store has absolutely no plan to deal with it.
More specifically, there is a plan, it is just the same plan that snobbish nightclubs use: A velvet rope and police officers. Does this non-verbal communication signify how Apple’s customer service is going to be? If so, maybe I should stick with my inferior phone.

I see me in the pic!! fun night.. was nice to meet Ally. I think I was 12th in the non pre order line at woodfield.

it was a fun night.. kinda slowed down at 3am as i assume tiredness set in... glad that i was 13 in the non preorder line behind Kristn... as it looked they only had bout 70 extra for walk ins.. as they told us there were only 60 left.. the 61st person in line looked like he was pissed.. and the 400 plus behind him still somehow decided to stay even though they weren't gonna get a phone..

Seriously, if you like your EVO 4G, then good. I'm happy for you. Go do something more productive. You're wasting bandwidth...

I live in Colorado Springs and I was unable to pre-order or reserve an iPhone 4 so my next best bet was to camp out in the non-reserve line! I was the 28th in line when I arrived at 4 pm on the 23rd. By 6am the line had grown to over 200 easy and over 300 on the reserve line. I finally got my 16 gb at around noon the 24th. I was so impressed with Apple! They provided Panera Bread breakfast sandwiches and Starbucks coffee for everyone and for lunch Champps, Bird Dog BBQ, and California Pizza Kitchen. Although the line moved considerably slower than the reserve line, I got one! I felt bad for the people who were about 20 behind me because they didn't have such luck.

I had a pretty good experience at the Apple Store here in Tampa, FL @ International Plazza. I decided to check out the line Wednesday night as I had gotten my reservation made on pre-prodder day and pulled up to the mall at about 9:50 and saw the a pretty sizable line had already formed. I got in line come to find out that I was roughly seventy in line. Was in line with some pretty cool folks, me an one other guy out of our group of 5 had reservations. We talked and had a really good time. At about 4am the Apple folks came out and "pre qualified" those of us in line checking in those that had reservations and then handing walkin cards and cslling on their two ways to have stock pulled. At about 6 they let us in the mall, and separated us into the reserverd line and walk up line. Turns out I was in the first batch or reserved. Apple had catered chick-fi-la breakfast with water or orange juice. Then at 7am on the nose they opened the doors and did the whole countdown and hooola that goes on with a launch. Heres were things get similar, the let the first 5 people in line (who all happened to be walk ups) in with the first 15 reservations which then turned to the say 50:1 ratio. I got in the store by about 7:05, got set up with a apple rep at about 7:20 and out the door by about 7:45ish, the line in the mall was still chock full or walk ups and the line outside streched around the mall to the parking garage. From what I heard our store also provided lunch as well. Good show apple, I hope to do it again for the next iPhone.

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