Official Twitter for iPad will be the best Tweetie yet

Twitter recently purchased Tweetie, the widely popular iPhone and Mac Twitter client, and the iPhone version was renamed Twitter for iPhone. The big question on everyone's minds has been if there will be a "Twitter for iPad" any time soon. The answer is Yes!

Loren Brichter, the designer of Tweetie and now employee of Twitter, has confirmed that Twitter for iPad is coming to the iPad, it's coming soon, and he's very excited about it. He claims that "the goal is to exceed the Twitter iPhone app in the iPad."

Tweetie also has a Mac client that has been seemingly neglected for almost a year. Users have expected an update for quite a while now, but no such update has arrived. Loren has now spoken and promises to get back to working on Tweetie for Mac in the coming weeks. He had to put it on hold after accepting the position at Twitter to focus on the release of Twitter for iPhone.

TiPb is very excited for Twitter for iPad and an updated mac client. What about you? Are you looking forward to some Tweetie goodness on your iPad? Are you a MacHeist user who as been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the promised Tweetie for Mac update?

Sound off in the comments below!

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ctt1wbw says:

Why do people still fawn and trip over themselves about Tweetie? I'll never understand it.

Michael says:

I've used Twitterific, Echofon, Twitbit, Tweet Deck and now this Tweetie/Twitter thing.
Twitter for iPhone is alright, but it's not the end-all be-all Twitter client. It suffers from more API connection errors than Twitterific does. The only thing I've used that seems to work consistently is Echofon, unless you want push to work. Twitbit has a much better push implementation. This means you need Notifications 2 or Boxcar. Instead of worrying about how many clients we can get this on, how about we focus on making an app that is worth using.
I tweet all day long and I don't like having multiple clients depending on what I want to do.
Just my two cents. That said, I have the paid version of Twitterific on my iPad and I'm not really interested in anything else on that platform. It's already as good as it's going to get I think.

mrtomd says:

I like Twitter for the iPhone. I'll love Twitter for the iPad.

foresmac says:

To be fair, Tweetie for Mac hasn't been "ignored for almost a year." It was first released in April, 2009, just slightly more than a year ago. I don't know the exact timeline of the updates, but it's currently at 1.2.6, and that update came out within a month or two.
True, it could stand a few major changes, but we know they are coming soon.

Dyvim says:

Tweetie 2 is my favorite iPhone Twitter app. Right now I'm using Twitterific on iPad, but looking forward to giving Tweetie a try. And I'm one of those MacHeist customers (not so) patiently waiting for my promised Tweetie 2 for Mac beta.

(Copy of) Dev says:

The main thing I would want in Tweetie/Twitter for iPad would be the same thing we have been waiting for in Tweetie for Mac -- synchronization of timelines between devices. It is a frustrating shortcoming on the iPhone/Mac combo, and it would be much more so adding the iPad into the mix.
(Yes, I know other Twitter clients do this.)

Jeremy says:

Simply Tweet is where it's at on the iPhone! I love it so much I even use it on the iPad over any of the iPad specific apps out there! I'm hoping they make an iPad or universal version soon.

Danredwing says:

I'm also patiently waiting for the beta. Not an iPad user, but wish that the dark theme would come back on the iPhone version. Have gotten so tired of the white screen that I've switched to Osfoora. I'd also really like to see syncing. That and a dark theme for iPhone would be awesome ...except, would the Mac tweetie be officially Twitter's? If not, probably no syncing.

ewheeler1976 says:

push notifications for "twitter for iphone" please

Gameboy213 says:

Osfoora is doing this just fine IMHO

Danredwing says:

Yeah, Osfoora is eerily similar to Tweetie, but there are a couple of touches that are better, and some that are head scratchers. Love that search actually searches the folks I follow and that the insert @username feature in the compose screen remembers everyone that I follow. I really miss the sideways swipe way of opening/replying/RTing individual tweets. I also really like the dark theme. Did I mention that already? I suppose push would be cool in the app, but I am using boxcar and it is remarkably fast and reliable.

Jon says:

Competition is good! If anything, I'm excited to see what Twitter (Tweetie) does insofar as it pushes the other Twitter clients like Twitterrific and Tweet Deck to innovate.

jasonact says:

Yes, I've been waiting for Twitter for iPad, and yes, I'm a MacHeist member waiting for the updated Mac version. I've been using Twitterific on the iPad, and although I think it's the best available client for the iPad currently, it's not nearly as nice to use as Tweetie/Twitter for iPhone.
As far as push notifications go, Boxcar fills that need perfectly. I put it in a, "unused utilities" folder and forget about it. I'd be fine if they never added it natively.

Opal Thurman says:

Haha am I literally the first reply to this incredible post?!

Tweets says:

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