Olloclip launches 4-in-1 lens for iPhone, better optics and more macro

Olloclip has launched a new product in its extremely popular range of attachable lenses for the iPhone, the 4-in-1. Offering one more lens than the previous 3-in-1, this time out Olloclip has included an extra macro lens, as well as improved optics all round.

So, for our $69.99, what do we get? As before, a fish eye and a wide angle lens, both are which are detachable. Beneath lies the now pair of macro lenses, a 10x and a 15x. Olloclip also promises that those improved optics will take brighter and more focused images than its predecessor.

We're big fans of the Olloclip lenses, so we'll be looking forward to taking one for a spin. If it sounds like something you'd be interested in, it's available to pre-order now from the Olloclip online store for shipping in November. Better yet, it's compatible with the iPhone 4 and above, and the iPod touch 4th and 5th generation using the included adapter.

Source: Olloclip

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Olloclip launches 4-in-1 lens for iPhone, better optics and more macro


Yup. Their case isn't cheap, but it has a removable portion over the camera that means you don't have to remove the phone to use the Olloclip.

Which is good, because removing it from their case is extremely difficult!

@Richard.. Have you looked at the SideCar Kickstarter project?

Was wondering if you guys could mention it.. It's an awesome idea on how to attach your iPad or iPad mini to your laptop as a second screen on-the-go.. They could use some air time.. supporters are slow in coming.. hate to see it die for lack of support. :(

Love you're guys product review like this.. always finding out about new stuff.. Thanks!

I LOVE the Olloclip. Love. I do wish it worked with other cases and was more screen protector friendly, but I deal.

I have the 3 in one and I really am impressed with it, especially for macro shots. Looking forward to the upgrade.