Olloclip now selling 4-in-1 lenses in gold and space gray

If the color of Olloclip's 4-in-1 lens system for the iPhone always put you off, then you'll perhaps be pleased to hear that they are now available in gold and space gray. Otherwise it's the same great accessory, but for the more fashion conscious you can now pick one up to match the two new colors of iPhone 5s.

The two new colors are pre-order only right now, and are due to ship in December for the same $69.99 as the other colors. To place your order, hit up the source link below, or be sure to read Ally's comprehensive review if you're still not sure.

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Richard Devine

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Olloclip now selling 4-in-1 lenses in gold and space gray


I would love to have this. Maybe when my bank account recovers a little from my Black Friday shopping. :(

Wow, I didn't know that the 5th generation iPod Touch can be equipped with an Olloclip via an adapter. Cool.

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Such a useful little tool, it's annoying to carry unless you have a purse or bag with you but still an awesome gift for the holidays.

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One day I'm going to get into this photography craft. Some cool accessories for photographers available. Nice product!

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Wow that's amazing and a smart product for them to release seeing that the camera on phones is a great feature that everyone uses and you can add this with a snap on and make the camera a lot more of an enjoyable experience. It's cool but I'd like to see a version for the iPhone 5c myself.

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Pricey. Wish I didn't have to use it naked with my iphone. My iPhone being naked, not me, of course.

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