Omni announces their productivity app plans for 2013

Omni announces their productivity app plan for 2013

Omni Group, one of the first major Mac developers to go all-in on the iPad, has posted their plans for the first quarter of 2013. CEO Ken Case elaborated on all of it on the Omni Group Blog:

OmniFocus 2. OmniOutliner 4. OmniPresence. Sandboxing. Accessibility. Visio and Microsoft Project compatibility in our iPad apps. Upgrade pricing from Mac App Store apps. I hope you’re looking forward to 2013 as much as we are!

Whether you're getting things done, getting things outlined, or getting things synced, it looks like Omni will have you covered over the next 3 months. To read all the details, hit the link below, then come back and let me know -- did Omni's "iPad or bust" strategy work out well for you? Are you using their apps?

Source: Omni Group Blog

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Omni announces their productivity app plans for 2013