OmniFocus 2 for Mac enters final testing, will launch this June

OmniFocus 2 for Mac enters final testing, will launch this June

The Omni Group has announced that OmniFocus 2 for Mac, the latest version of their popular project and task management application, has entered the final testing phase, on track for a June release. The app was originally previewed last year, and met with positive reception from testers. But after viewing some feedback, and seeing the directions OS X and iOS were moving in, the Omni Group decided to reexamine OmniFocus 2, particularly the design. Taking cues from iOS 7, the design aims to feel new and adaptable while preserving the great features of OmniFocus 2, according to the Omni Group blog:

We paused our test builds and went back into heads-down mode to focus on the hard work of another round of design and development. Since that time, our team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes on a fresh design that preserves the best features of their original work while adapting to the latest changes to the platform.

Are you excited to see OmniFocus 2 launch in June? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: The Omni Group

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Reader comments

OmniFocus 2 for Mac enters final testing, will launch this June


I used to be an Omni junkie and a user and purchaser of all their products for every Mac I own. Then iOS came along and Omni Group stood up as the only company to literally try and gouge their user base with prices for iOS apps upwards of 5,000% higher than their competitors.

Here it is a few years later and I have cleansed all my computers of Omni Group products, and advise someone almost daily to do the same. As a result, the Institution I work at, which used to have many dozens of Omni product users (we are a 100% Mac place), now has just one or two because I'm the one that advises them on what software to use or buy.

IMO they make a good product, but there is nothing about their products that is good *enough* or so much better than the competition to justify the absolutely outrageous prices they charge.

I must say I am excited but I'd tend to agree with this valid point. Their prices are really high and make it hard to buy all the version but then again nobody needs to do that.


OmniFocus is a powerful product but the price is eye watering AND they make you buy a new version with the "upgrade". If you have the whole suite, that's a lot of money. I'm also not 100% happy with the feature set. For example, there's no option to have an app badge for events that are due today, only overdue or within the next 24 hours, so my badge never clears. There appears to be no option to delete completed tasks; they can only be archived, taking up space. And there appears to be no option for floating time zones so reminders can be 9 hours out if, for example, you travel from Europe to Australia. This is particularly inconvenient for repeat reminders as you have to reschedule the whole series and then reschedule it back again. For the price basic issues like these should be addressed. I love the look of the new Mac version (I hardly ever use the current version because it's so cluttered) but I will try a Reminders + Fantastical combo now that Fantastical is coming to iPad, and perhaps also Clear now that reminders are coming, before I shell out for this.

Hm, to be fair: they always offer upgrade pricing in their own store, and some apps like Outliner have not seen a paid upgrade for almost a decade. It is unfortunate that Apple still has no upgrade mechanism in the App Stores, but that is not the fault of the Omni Group... They actually tried almost everything possible to help their customers and Apple stopped them.

The badging options in OF are actually quite flexible, and I am not sure about the need for time zone support in a GTD app. It is not for calendar entries or appointments, items which are already determined to happen at a specific date and time are better kept in a calendar IMHO.

If date and time aren't meant to be scheduled in OmniFocus, but on the calendar, then why does the app have reminders? Not just all-day, but very sophisticated ones? I know that David Allen advocates putting anything that needs scheduling on the calendar, but this isn't how OF is designed. In fact, the Forecast view, the most prominent view in OF 2, integrates calendar events with OF reminders. If the reminders are 9 hours out then the date doesn't even match anymore. Also, reminders aren't the same as appointments. Imagine a busy calendar divided into multiple 5 minute slots.

As for the app badge, tasks are divided by date in-app so I think the app badge should follow the same pattern, at least as an option. Other to-do apps have this as standard.

Sure looks better than version 1, but that is not that hard. Not a big fan of the locked inspector pane (drives me nuts in OmniGraffle 6, on a big screen it is always miles away and, in OG, their "always opens the most relevant pane" logic never works for me, always opens something I do not want... Went back to version 5). Items in Omni Focus have so few properties that in place editing would be a much better idea. Entire thing looks far too busy for something that is really just a glorified outliner; heck, some professional PM tools have a quieter interface.

The iPad version, while looking a bit dated by now, is by far the best. Everything at your finger tips and intuitive while still being powerful. Version 2 on the iPhone looks great and is fine for ticking items off, I do not really use it for entry.

At this point I am thinking about dropping the desktop version altogether, have not really used it in months, as the iPad version does everything better and nicer; not a fan of what I have seen of the new desktop version.

It's kind of hilarious to see people complain about the price. And we wonder why the quality of apps are going down. Here's the deal for me. Does OmniFocus help me get stuff done? Help me run my personal and work life? If no, I wouldn't pay any amount. If yes, the price doesn't matter. 100 bucks? Sure, if it helps me every day, that's a bargain.

If you care so little about what you get done you want everything 99 cents, there's going to be plenty of apps for you. I'm very happy to pay a premium for OmniFocus because it helps me every day. If that ever changes, I'll move on. But complaining that a product that is designed to help run your life isn't dirt cheap is moronic.

I won't complain about the price. My feelings have always been if I feel something is worth it, I'll get it. If I can't justify the cost, I don't. I do own OmniFocus for Mac, iPhone (ver. 1 & 2), and iPad. I do like a lot about it. The perspectives (if I take the time to create and tweak) are wonderful. However, I've been using OF less and less. It's not that I don't like the apps any longer, but I use a Windows laptop for work, and I find that with the complexity of the projects and tasks I have, maintaining the list in OF is an added burden I just don't want to deal with. I can forward emails to the maildrop address or type things on my iPad/iPhone. But I'm in front of my PC all day. It's where I do my work, and shifting focus from PC to iPad/iPhone, or powering up my MBP next to the PC is proving to be too much. I still am trying to find a better tool for project/task management that will work on all my devices (primarily PC, but also iPhone/iPad and occasionally my Mac when sitting at home), but it's just becoming increasingly difficult to maintain OF given the hub of my work is on a PC. That said, I do think the OF products could be a little more flexible (tagging or multiple contexts is one thing I would really appreciate), and I hold out hope that one day I may get a Mac for my work machine.

This may be the longest dev cycle ever. They announced this back in February 2013.

I'm excited about it, and I'll get it for free as I just got the Mac version a few months ago. If I had to buy it again, I probably wouldn't. Their software is pretty pricey, though as much as I use OmniFocus it's worth it.

I've considered getting OmniOutliner, but I think I'm going to give OneNote its due before spending $100.