OmniOutliner 4 arrives on the Mac with a new look and much more

OmniOutliner 4 arrives on the Mac with a new look and much more

The Omni Group has released OmniOutliner 4, the latest version of their popular outlining software for Mac. The app's new architecture also comes along with several major new features, including a completely revamped user interface.

The new interface includes a number of major updates. Styles are now much easier to use thanks to the new sidebar and cleaner inspectors. You can change up styles using Theme Styling. You can select a theme template that you want, and let OmniOutliner do the rest. You can also zoom your text easily without disrupting your printing or page settings.

Other new features includ clikcable links, Smart Matching, and new date parsing logic. These are available in both the standard and Pro versions of OmniOutliner 4. The pro version also includes support for AppleScript, note customization, and export to Microsoft Word's .docx format.

OmniOutliner 4 is currently available on The Omni Group's store, and is coming to the Mac App Store soon. New users will pay $49.99 for a individual license of the standard app, and $99.99 for a Pro license. Family packs of either standard or Pro cost $74.99 and $149.99, respectively. Anyone who has purchased OmniOutliner 3 since January 6, 2011 will be able to upgrade to version 4 for free, both through the web store and the Mac App Store. Those that purchased OmniOutliner 3 before that date are eligible for upgrade pricing from the Omni Group store.

Update: Now available in the Mac App Store (MAS) as well!

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OmniOutliner 4 arrives on the Mac with a new look and much more


*Yawn* I've lost all interest in OmniGroup over the last two years. Decent software, but no longer impressive. It's not 2005 anymore; there are lots of better choices for way less money.

I'm just curious. What have you found that is much better than Omnifocus and costs less? I've tried many different tools and I've yet to beat it. I'm always on the lookout for better solutions though.

Jeez... I'm embarrassed to say that the alternative I had in mind is as expensive (for the whole Mac/iOS suite) as Omnifocus. I'd had a (Cultured Code) Things license for a while, so I downloaded and reinstalled it some time ago and found that it was easier to use than Omnifocus and suited my reminding needs very nicely. However, the price has gone up considerably since I bought it. I like apps like Clear, but they're a little too 'lite' in features.

I'm a big fan of Omni Group software. I really enjoy OmniFocus OmniOutliner fro iPad and iPhone. This is definitely something I'm going to look into. Thanks for the information and the release notice on this. Thanks!

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The website definitely states version 4.0 - Requires OS X 10.9+, when I looked first at this about a week ago and just now. The bigger problem for me is that my extensive collection of oo3pro templates do not render well at all in version 4.0. I contacted support and after sending them screen shots of the differences in v3 and v4, as well as the files themselves, they were apparently at a loss to explain the problem as they never responded back. So, I would recommend that anyone wanting to upgrade download the trial first and try it out with their existing templates. I'm finding more and more software companies that feel it necessary to change the look and feel to stay relevant, but often they break things and go ahead with the product release anyway. Toggl changed their entire look and feel and destroyed their product so they could look more modern. After many attempts at showing what a mess they'd made, they just stopped communicating. So many companies don't wants to hear the truth from their existing customers, its all about changing the look to get new ones. My thoughts anyway, J