On-device iPad App Store goes international

on-device iPad app store goes international

Overnight Apple began enabling the on-device iPad App Store for international users. That is to say, it no longer spits up the dreaded "the App Store is not supported in your country" error and actually renders the WebKit storefront now. It's still a bit of a work in progress with iPhone apps hard to distinguish from iPad specific ones off the main featured page, but it's a huge step forward.

Likewise, some apps that weren't previously offered for sale outside the US App Store -- we're looking at you EA -- are now available, however Apple's own iWork suit of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote still seems to be MIA at the moment.

With the first 9 international iPad nations already past the pre-order stage, and sales set to start May 28 Apple has to get the App Store up and running at some point. That those who snuck across the border to snap up US iPads can now spend way too much money help test it out in advance is a Good Thing.

If you've got an iPad on an international iTunes account, let us know how your local App Store is doing, what the selection is like, and most importantly -- what you're buying?

(I jumped on Mirror's Edge and Scrabble)

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On-device iPad App Store goes international


I really want an ipad but I just can't see why I need one when I have a macbook pro and iphone...I really wish there was no more flash because the ipad can't view many websites that are flash only and there are alot of those

I went into the UK store this morning all ready to buy Numbers but as you say it's MIA, will have a good look later, I need more Apps!

@Tom hey Tom I have an iPhone and a MacBook and iPad trust me it's excellent for surfing the web and YouTube and games trust me it's better that bring out the laptop all the time. :)

Works in Denmark. Will soon have to sell my iPad, as I'll be spending all my money on the app store. Please Apple: Give us iWorks, what's the point of withholding it? I promise only to do cool stuff with it.