One more day to back eleMount stand on Kickstarter

One more day to back eleMount stand on Kickstarter

Kickstarter-funded mounts and stands for iOS devices and other electronics are nothing new. EleMount has raised interest, though, for its machined aluminum design, and if all goes well, it'll go into production shortly. EleMount's developers asked for $10,000 from Kickstarter backers and have gotten $169,100 so far, with 36 hours to go.

EleMount uses what the creator calls "elePads," which are not suction cups - they're polyurethane impregnated with a sticky material that can be reapplied and doesn't leave any residue. The elePads are on the business end of the eleMount - where you stick your iPhone or iPad - as well as the base where you attach it to a flat surface, windshield or any other surface you want the mount to stick to. And the eleMount can also be unscrewed to reveal a 1/4" 20 thread that can screw into a tripod mount, which makes the eleMount suitable for using with photography.

Right now $60 gets you in the door with a limited edition black or silver eleMount mini; $69 gets you the full-sized eleMount.

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One more day to back eleMount stand on Kickstarter


The mount won't hold to any surface for more than a couple of mins. To fit in a car is dangerous, all emails to the company are ignored. There are hundreds of complaints on KS which are being ignored. $154 is a lot of money for items that don't work as advertised.