#MobileFit Bonus Contest: Leave a comment and you could win a Fitbit Aria Smart Scale!

Fitbit Flex

MobileFitThere's a week left for the month of June. Which means you've got one week to get your final steps in for our #MobileFit Fitbit challenge. We're giving away a Fitbit Aria to the top three in the group, plus one random prize to a member in the group.

Walk, run and jog your way to victory. The top three participants will be getting the Fitbit Aria, while one goes away to a random member in the group. Right now we've got Johnny Cat, Whayne and Alan up top in the lead, but Hannes, Mainak and JSB are closing in and could sneak into the top three.

Some fun stats from the #MobileFit group:

  • We have 868 members (We'll re-open the group when the contest ends next week)
  • 175,239,393 steps have been taken by us all so far in June
  • 81,643.66 miles have been traveled by us all

Win a Fitbit Aria by leaving a comment down below!

Some crazy numbers right there, which is why we're about to do something crazy. Leave a comment in this post to win a Fitbit Aria. We'll be picking one random comment across our sites to that awesome wireless scale that connects to your Fitbit account. Why do you need a wireless scale that's smart? Just ask Kevin. Earlier today he told us about the benefits of having a smart scale.

Don't forget, leave a comment below to win that scale!

Kick butt over the next seven days!

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Reader comments

#MobileFit Bonus Contest: Leave a comment and you could win a Fitbit Aria Smart Scale!


Put on the push, Don't give up now and be proud of yourself in anything you decided to do to get fit with or without tech. The tech just makes it more fun. Just think when we can all go back to look at this when it ends and see the results and how proud we will be proud of what we did especially if we did it as a group of friends or even alone. It was all worth it no matter what anyone things.

Even if you did not participate in the Fit Challenge and #MOBILEFIT MONTH you sure learned what is new in the world og high tech fitness wear be it clothes or electronics. best to all who participated. Yes by the way I sure did on by Cycle and Cycler's Corner on Connectedly under the Health and Fitness section.

Love the fitness push, can't wait to see the final results and hope this not only gets users active, but keeps them active

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Thanks for encouraging me to get a Fitbit! I'm a school teacher and am trying to get myself into shape to keep up with my fifth graders. I hope you do more contests like this! I'm planning on buying one for my wife so she can join me in getting fit!

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Congratulations to the top three those are some serious numbers. As for me, as of now, I am at #366. Not bad, I think, considering that I am a software consultant and sit behind a PC 10 hours a day.

Good luck to the rest.

Going from 4k average steps to 13k average steps is great. Even if I don't win a scale this has been a great month for me! Much more active and motivated solely because of iMore!

I've been in a weightloss journey since November 2012 I've lost 140lbs so far. It would be awesome if I won the scale to keep track of my weight until I reach my goal of losing 200lbs which would be a loss of half of what I used to weigh 400lbs.

Why is this just a fitbit group? Not all of us own a fitbit. Some of us own other devices. Maybe there should be a mobile fitness group overall?

Finally, long awaited giveaway- nothing says a better #mobilefit month Than a fitness tracker give away- but at the end of the month!!!!-

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I use the Fitbit app on my iPhone 5s to track my morning runs and I must say it's recordings are grossly inaccurate- which very well tallies with reviews I read about it on amazon.com waving my hand around while sitting in a chair records 200+ steps. I'd rather stick with the nike running + which is what I use regularly- but the "Razer Nabu" us one fitness tracker I'm optimistic about and looking forward to and of course, come the keynote in the fall Apple will launch it's own line of wearables following up to the rumours

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I'm would love to have one just to see how many steps I really take in a day between being in my office and visiting my clients.

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I believe the thing that has helped make those fitness sensors as popular as they are is that they cater to the every-person and not just the athlete or the serious runner. I hope they keep that sort of thing up so the devices become tools for everyday healthy lifestyle.

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Would love to get a smart scale, like Kevin I've been always trying to hit a ideal weight and now I feel I've overshot it due to becoming a parent and neglecting the gym. A smart scale could give me the motivation again to hit the gym!

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My family and I (wife and daughter, and me) love our Fitbit trackers. We challenge each other daily and weekly to meet our goals. It has been an awesome month. We would love the fitbit scale to further our goals of becoming a healthier family. This would be awesome! Thanks for the contest!!

Would love to win a FitBit!!!! I believe it would help give me extra motivation though out the day and push me to become more mobile and get healthy!!!

These scales are pretty cool! But I'm not quite sold on the trackers yet. They don't seem to be able to do much that I can't do by carrying my phone.

I would like to have this, not at the point I'd wanna dish money out so pick me!

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Yes please! The wife is afraid of scales, but I want this so bad! I bet the wife would secretly like it!

I am in the group but there is no way I am going to crack the top 3... they have over a million steps and I am at 335K so far.... not giving up though! Loving my fitbit flex and loving the challenge!

I really need one. Summer after summer I always say I'll get fit but it never happens. Maybe with this I can actually motivate myself.

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Got my fitbit flex yesterday. Love the silent alarms & never realise how much of an unsettled sleeper I was before using it.