OneNote gets iOS 7 redesign, character recognition, and more!

Microsoft OneNote for Mac

Microsoft has announced some significant updates to OneNote clients for iPhone and Mac. In addition to a visual overhaul for iOS 7, the iPhone version now includes character recognition so you can snap pictures of documents and save them to OneNote in the cloud. You can also create and share notebooks independently on the iPhone now.

The Mac version has had a bunch of features included, such as text format copying, pasting, and painting. An obvious and very welcome addition is the ability to drag and drop images from anywhere on OS X into your OneNote documents. You also have more control over how hyperlinks are presented and there's a fresh function for printing notes if you're still into that paper and ink thing.

OneNote is primarily built for task management, but really, you can use it to take notes about anything. There doesn't seem to be much here that the native Reminders app can't handle, but what do you guys think? Any hardcore OneNote fans out there? How do you handle notes and to-do lists on your iOS and Mac?

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OneNote gets iOS 7 redesign, character recognition, and more!


Nice update. I wanted something a bit more robust than standard iOS notes and/or SimpleNotes but something less complex than Evernote. Personally, I am not a fan of the Evernote UI. OneNote looks great on the iOS platform but will have to see if sync has improved much before switching over to it again.

OneNote for notes. I've been using OneNote since it came out and while the PC version is more robust, the Mac version beats everything else and I've tried them all.

We share notebooks across the country on both Mac and Windows platforms, flawlessly.

I'm sure it will have feature parity at some point. It will be worth the wait.

2do for tasks. Nothing better. Especially since they have versions for iOS and OSX!

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I prefer using OneNote to keep my stuff synced up between my iPhone, Mac, Windows Phone, and Surface tablet. Not a fan of the Evernote UI either, plus I've been using OneNote before Evernote became popular. Would've been annoying to move my stud over. So for me these updates are appreciated.

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The interface may look different on the different platforms but it works very well. I'm used to Microsoft Office as well. I see you have Windows and Apple devices. Which phone and computing platforms do you prefer?

I use OneNote for notes on Mac, Windows Phone ans iPad. It's good to keep and find things back, logical UI. No limits on usage and easy sharing notes in private and public. On Windows Phone, the Office Lens is great as its also formats presentations and notes from a photo unless angle etc. Great!

This update still doesn't make OneNote remember that I opened it to fullscreen last time I used it and also double-clicking the title bar still doesn't make it minimize. Still, the update is definitely welcome.

Feature parity is sorely lacking among the different platforms, so I abandoned OneNote long ago for Evernote. The iPad version of OneNote needs to allow re-arranging of sections and the ability to drag/move the containers within a note. Most importantly, the handwriting feature needs to be there, even it is via IAP. Until then, I am and will remain a happy Evernote Premium subscriber.

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MagicalPad is a similar app for the mac and iPad, it has some unique features that makes it better for me. Mind mapping and task management are more robust. Check out MagicalPad on the mac app store.