OneSafe password manager comes to the Mac, sync across your devices with iCloud

If you use a lot of passwords, a secure password manager can be indispensable. Since 2011, one such option for iOS users has been oneSafe. Keeping your passwords safe and synced across your iPhone and iPad is great, but until now oneSafe has been lacking in one area. That though changes with the launch of the brand new oneSafe app for the Mac.

Like the iOS version, oneSafe for Mac is iCloud enabled, meaning now you can sync all of your information across all of your devices. It's pretty much the missing link in the chain, for anyone who uses these apps seriously will likely need them on the desktop as well. The same 256-bit encryption is employed in the Mac version, as are all of the popular features from oneSafe for iOS.

The Mac version does come with some new goodies, though. A new drag-and-drop system has been employed allowing users the ability to pick up any file from anywhere on their Mac and just place it into oneSafe for quick and easy importing. The automatic backup feature will also come in handy, making sure you're covered if you ever lose your data.

The iOS version of oneSafe recently got updated to add support for the Mac client, so if you haven't picked that up yet you'll want to head into the App Store and pick it up. The Mac version of oneSafe is available to download via the Mac App Store priced at $12.99 for everyone running OS X 10.8.0 and above. But, we want to hear from you, oneSafe users. How do you like the new Mac client?

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Reader comments

OneSafe password manager comes to the Mac, sync across your devices with iCloud


Does the words iCloud, and password manager sync set off any alarms? Great program, but syncing any passwords by iCloud is turned off on my devices. I do not really want sensitive information in the cloud. How quick we forget how many people had their iTunes accounts hacked, and charges made. That was suppose to be secured, and only you knew your user ID. I was a victim. No one but Apple knew my user ID, I do not do in app purchases, but somebody used my was able to open a new account in my name. Apple did credit all charges back to the bank, but it left me untrusting. If I change a password, or create a new one, I manually enter it on all devices. May be one day I will trust the cloud.

1Password has cloud options, albeit you can use Dropbox. The data is encrypted, it isn't visible without being decrypted in the app

This is the oneSafe Team here.
We understand the apprehension towards having your sensitive data synced via iCloud. And thats why we take the security of this data very seriously.

Firstly, the moment you enter data in oneSafe it is instantly encrypted using the strongest encryption algorithm available (AES 256). Secondly, your encryption key is never stored but generated on the fly using your oneSafe master password (using PBKDF2).
So, the content transferred via iCloud is encrypted and can only be decrypted on your other devices using your master password, which only you have access to. Thats why oneSafe asks you for this password when you wish to read the data transferred via iCloud from another device.

You can learn more about the encryption standard used in oneSafe on our website.

oneSafe Team

Good day guys,
I've emailed this guys with some security questions.

I am still a LastPass guy due to security (YubiKey support and two factor auth)

Do you know if OneSafe supports or has plans for incorporating this?

Some other people prefer 1Password I've talked with them in the past and they have no plans on adding two factor support says it's not needed. I call rubbish I want it...

We are indeed committed to provide you the highest level of security. And hence we're actually evaluating different technical solutions to implement two-factor authentication in oneSafe.

oneSafe Team