OnLive to bring full HD console gaming to the iPad

TouchArcade was able to sit down with OnLive at E3 for a brief presentation of their cloud gaming service, which promises to bring full HD console quality gaming to the iPad.

When OnLive started up in 2009 it was speculated that the service would eventually come to the iPhone, but this was long before the iPad was available. They've since discovered the iPad is a far better use case for exploring this type of gaming service on an iOS device, and they've fully committed to get this out the door as soon as everything is solid enough for consumers.

OnLive even has a bluetooth controller they'll make available, which should bring a more console-like experience for iPad users instead of having to use the touchscreen. Imagine pairing this with up with your HDTV via HDMI using the bluetooth controller, and you begin get a real sense of how truly awesome this could be.

Although they haven't set an official release date, OnLive representatives have stated the service is "coming soon" to the iPad and the bluetooth controller will be available at a reasonable price.

Check out the video demonstration after the jump -- will you be using OnLive on your iPad?


Andrew Wray

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There are 23 comments. Add yours.

derrythe says:

Yes please, this is the most compelling use case for Onlive around. Adding even more versatility to the iPad is totally awesome.

firesign3000 says:

If they can actually pull this off and have it work reliably? Yeah, I'll probably give it a shot.

mgmiller68 says:

Wow -- watched demo vudeo & it's very impressive! Now all I have to do is get an iPad.

InizialeR says:

Is that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood or (possibly) Revelations on the iPad!?

InizialeR says:

Posted my last comment in excitement without watching the video. That is definitely Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood! That is most definitely awesome!!!

Carioca32 says:

Humm, how can it "bring full HD" if the iPad screen is not full HD? Am I missing something?

John says:

The ipad screen is 'HD'. HD has little to do with pixel density unfortunately...

Carioca32 says:

I beg to differ. HD is conventionally understood as 1280x720. Full HD is 1920x1080. The iPad screen is neither, at 1024x768, high enough but not wide enough for HD, and not even close to full HD. Unless we treat "HD" as "4G", where for the sake of marketing anything goes.

George DW says:

I just don't understand. How the HELL does this work over wifi? You need much lower latency for this than for a multiplayer game.

ericwood311 says:

Can anyone make out what that other tablet is in the video? It looks like a mini iPad to me...

Carioca32 says:

A mini iPad running Android that is.

unchew says:

simple it outputs to hd as in hooked up to a tv like he said in the article.

KayleighKustard says:

There should be an option to use your iPhone as a gaming controller for the iPad! :-)

Bonzo says:

"Imagine pairing this with up with your HDTV via HDMI using the bluetooth controller, and you begin get a real sense of how truly awesome this could be."
Probably not quite as awesome as a PS3 that has been out for years now.

Fukoffufuknfukfuk says:

Only problem with that logic is: At the end of your game sesh, your 50lb ps3 remains, while the 1lb iPad is ready to go -- off to bigger and better things... Which imo, would make for an all-around, even more awesome experience^^

Jmart8684 says:

console games should be left for the consoles

James Kitts says:

Cool, but it needs more games like halo and call of duty. Also it should come with a 360 controller and I'm still not sure if u need an onlive console or what?
Bottom line they should be more clear