OnStar's RemoteLink App slings remote directions to your car, keeps tabs on fuel

When Chevy finally launched the Volt plug-in hybrid electric car, they also kicked out an app with in-car communications and monitoring subsidiary OnStar to integrate owners' mobile phones with the vehicle. Similar to the MyFord Mobile app that Ford put out to integrate with their own Focus Electric, OnStar RemoteLink being shown off at CES 2012 hooks into the OnStar system onboard the vehicle, allowing the owner to remotely monitor the fuel levels, and in the case of the Volt, also check in on how the battery is charging, plus set off-peak charging schedule. RemoteLink also can plan routing on the phone and send it remotely to the car, saving you time the time of generally tedious address inputting when in the car.

The OnStar App is available for iPhone and Android phones and is compatible with most 2010-and-newer GM vehicles with OnStar.

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OnStar's RemoteLink App slings remote directions to your car, keeps tabs on fuel


Been using this for a few months. It's great. Six inches of snow outside and I can warm up my Volt from four blocks away! I also use it to keep tabs as my car charges at public charging stations.

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