Opera Mini Web browser receives significant update

Opera Mini Web browser for Phone, and now iPad, has received a big update. In addition to support iPhone and iPad, Retina Display, and Facebook and Twitter, Opera Mini has received stability improvements and is much more pleasurable to use.

  • Updated design with a fresh new look and feel
  • Super smooth pinch-to-zoom and panning
  • Support for iPhone 4 retina display, iPad, and iPad 2 devices
  • Direct share on Facebook, Twitter, and My Opera
  • Open new page in background tab
  • Improved international font support for Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, and other non-latin languages

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think!

[Free - iTunes link]

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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

Opera Mini Web browser receives significant update


Doesnt even have an option to change user agent so it always redirects to those crappy mobile websites...

Uh...this cuts off text and ALWAYS goes to mobile versions of sites and they are formatted for the iPhone rather than the iPad.

i likes opera mini, saved the pages is my favorites..., load faster n minimize data is great, eventhough no html5 n flash :)