Opera Next preview for Mac shows the Mail-less, Chromium based browser of Opera's future

Opera has released a preview build of their next release for the Mac. Things are quite different this time around, though, as Opera Mail has been split away from the browser, and the whole thing is built upon Chromium. Opera has also included a couple of new features, including bringing the 'Discover' recommendation system to the desktop.

Discover has previously been available via the Android version of Opera, and is essentially curates content from the web based on a set of user preset categories alongside location. Also new in this build -- Opera Next, as it's currently known -- is the 'Stash' feature that lets you pin individual items, or entire web pages for easy access. Kind of like bookmarks, but prettier.

When it comes to Opera Mail, this was removed but hasn't gone away entirely. Opera is now pushing Mail as a separate entity entirely, and has also published the first release candidate of Mail for the Mac. Underneath, Opera Next has been re-engineered, and is now based upon Chromium. This provides a set of standards, and a higher performing browser, says Opera.

We've taken a very quick look at Opera Next on the Mac, and first impressions aren't bad. It's definitely performing well at anything we've thrown at it so far, and the sleek looking interface makes for a pleasant experience. If you want to take a look for yourselves, go grab a copy from Opera and let us know how you think it compares to your own browser of choice.

Source: Opera

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Reader comments

Opera Next preview for Mac shows the Mail-less, Chromium based browser of Opera's future


I love the browser wars. Even though I've been solidly in Chrome for the last few years, I always like testing out each versions updates and appreciate all the different clients pushing each other to bring us faster more stable clients.

I really like it so far, though it doesn't have homepage functionality or a homepage button. Kinda forces you to use the speed dial function, but that may be better. Otherwise really impressed so far. Seems to use way less memory than Chrome and definitely uses less than Safari.

Except normal people don't use Opera or care about it at all.

It's the weird little "also ran" browser that does everything differently for "different" people, (who are mostly young, male, techno-braggards) that do everything a "special" way.

By reason of it's very design and philosophy, Opera will simply *never* get any appreciable market share and this article will get fewer than usual comments and hits as well.

Opera, inovator, inventor od SpeedDial, Tabs, mouse gestures, ContentBlocking, Opera Turbo, famouse Opera Sync and only browser i use for many-many years thanks to many great and intuitive features has change to grey, ordinary clone of chrome. Good bye Opera.

Yeah, I can't stand not having that feature. I save 'junk' to the temp location, most of my other stuff to the Downloads library (which I organise every so often), and other specific stuff gets saved directly to the specific location. This way I have no rubbish I need to clear out, it's just a simple Opera>Clean command.

Lets see the magic http://bit.ly/13j5dbb