Orange subsidized iPad pricing revealed

We told you last week that Orange and T-Mobile in the UK were set to offer subsidized iPad prices. Well today Orange has announced details on the pricing model for the 3G version of the iPad. Orange will offer the 16 GB model at a cost of £199.0 ($312), the 32 GB model for £249.00 ($390) and the 64 GB model at £349.00 ($546).

Now obviously the prices are subject to you signing a 24 month contract for data. Orange has two on offer here; one for existing Orange customers which is offered at £25.00 ($39) a month, this provides 1GB of anytime data as well as a further 1GB of quiet time data (Midnight - 4pm). WiFi access is also provided through BT Openzone.  Orange say WiFi is unlimited; however it does carry a fair usage limit, capped at 3GB. New Orange customers will get the same allowances, but will have to pay an additional £2.00 ($3.13) for the privilege.

Pre-Orders will be available  from November 27th.

This move will likely lead to similar offers from other UK networks, the question is, will it spread worldwide and is the pricing reasonable? Let us know what you think in the comments!

[Orange] Thanks to Simon for the tip.

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Reader comments

Orange subsidized iPad pricing revealed


Don't count on the direct-conversion; the UK prices include VAT, so currency-conversions don't reflect what Americans will charge at all.
If you were to take that logic, the base iPad would be $650 in your country!

At that rate I would just buy one outright. And that kind of data package is pretty lame. 1 gig. Please. I will never get rid of my unlimited.

£25 a month for 1GB for 24 months is more expensive than buying 'SIM free' and getting a £10 a month data plan which you can cancel or suspend with a months notice.
This just spreads the cost out, has an admin charge and increased risk to the consumer by preventing switching to better suppliers.

WOOHOHOHO! Yikes. These stories always remind me how incredibly good we have it here in the U.S. with cellular pricing.