Orange UK Sells 30,000 iPhones 2 Years In. Verizon US Sells 100,000 Droids 1st Weekend Out.


Orange UK sold 30,000 iPhones on release day, despite their dodgy unlimited data = 750MB, and despite the iPhone already being available on rival O2 UK since 2007. By contrast, Verizon launched the much-hyped, geek-liked Droid for the first time on any network, anywhere, ever, and sold -- according to Bloomberg -- 100,000 over the weeked. Three and a bit times as much sounds almost as good as their "5x the 3G coverage of AT&T" commercials. But then the US is a much bigger market and Verizon a much bigger carrier, and Orange has only a day, not a weekend, but whatev...

The iPhone 3GS, as a third data point, sold over 1,000,000 it's first weekend out the gate. Sure, that was international, but then the iPhone 3GS was available internationally, all under the same brand, in several countries at the same time. Verizon licensed the Droid trademark, so even when the same device rolls out in Canada and Europe, it won't be the Droid but the Milestone, which is 5x less the geek name sex-appeal.

What does this all mean? iPhone mindshare is still huge and demand in countries that were exclusive to one carrier is still high. In part, this may be because there's a single, global iPhone brand (and feature set) for consumers to identify with, and rather than controlled by a carrier (like Droid), it's controlled only to Apple -- so it might just appear on your favorite carrier one day as well, be it Bell/Telus, Orange/Vodafone, or Verizon...

[via AppleInsider and BGR]

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Reader comments

Orange UK Sells 30,000 iPhones 2 Years In. Verizon US Sells 100,000 Droids 1st Weekend Out.


Im sorry but the Droid SUCKS!!!! iPhone ROCKS!!!! you will be replacing your Droid before i have to replace my iPhone. hold the droid in your hand its a cheap phone looks cheap feels cheap.

Would love to test out the Droid phone... but trading my iPhone... don't think Android is there yet :)

@ monster i think you would slurp up steve jobs if you got the chance relax its just a phone. and by the way i had to replace my iphone twice for a number of hardware issues and i'm not alone......your such a fan-boy/b*itch.

@Rene. If you recheck your facts you'll find out that Orange UK sold more than 30,000 iPhones on its first day, making the comparison even more stark.

Brand is everything. And it appear if anything has an Apple logo people will buy it. Not that Apple makes bad products, I'm just saying.

I have an Android phone - MyTouch 3G. All I can say is that Android is a half baked pile of junk that fails at basic smartphone functionality. I'm going to be selling mine on eBay to cover the $200 ETF from T-Mobile.

Welp, android has a lot of brands for sure. Droid, Milestone, Eris, Hero, Magic, Mytouch, G1, HTC, Motorolla, Samsung, cupcake, eclair, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, etc...
Or you could just buy an Apple iphone

This comparison is incredibly flawed, Rene. I am an iPhone owner who loves is phone, and I know this is a fanboi site, but c'mon. I'd expect Kanye to to write something like this. "Yo Verizon. I'm really happy for you. Imma let you finish, but iPhone 3GS sold over 1million phones in its world wide opening weekend."
Anyway, back to the point. You're comparing 3 different sales markets (UK, US, and global); you're comparing two different generations (iPhone 3GS with Droid 1.0); you're comparing a non-licensed item to a licensed one, the licensed products which will all have subsequent release dates to the Droid; and you even throw in your own, unsubstantiated opinion on geek factor...
This is a horribly inept and childish comparison. This article should be deleted.

I hope this won't be another " tragic storm " When everyone goes and reurns it. android is pretty sucessful so the experience might be better than the Storm. 100k in America alone is pretty good

@ monster... about replacing your iphone. ask the people who bought the FIRST iphones how many times they took their device back.
Also why are we comparing iphone 3GS sales internationally to droid sales nationally?? Shouldn't we be comparing iphone 2G sales yo droid sales nationally?

I sold my 3GS and got a Eris on Friday. So far, so good. The iPhone is better... but before I had a great phone without service (at home or work).... now i still have a great phone (not the best but great) with service everywhere... iPhone is the King... but AT&T sucks balls....

It did about as well as Palm Pre on Sprint..around 100k.
But wait, isn't Verizon double the users? And the Pre was pretty much a soft launch.

Wow well this is funny Rene posting useless comparisons, your becoming even more blind than appleinsider.
Compare the national to national sales, not national to worldwide...
And this article loses any kind of credibility when you tried deeming droid owners as geeks, I don't go calling all apple user macfags who are emo and slit their wrist while trying to impress the kids at starbucks with their iphone by trying to be trendy, stick to the story or get people who actually have journalistic capabilities

@ddx, I said the DROID name had geek sex-appeal, so if you're going to fall into the tired cliche of baseless blogger bashing, at least read the post first, b'okay?
And the point about national vs. worldwide is important -- again as stated in the article -- because Apple is selling under a unified iPhone brand, and DROID won't be known as DROID anywhere outside Verzion. Same token, Apple could roll it out in 7 countries at the same time. The contrasting business approaches are interesting.
Apple's iPhone is one brand (AT&T is irrelevant to damaging for most consumers). Verizon Motorola Droid is 3 brands. Eventually an HTC phone with Sense UI could look nearly identical, WinMo or Android, and Verizon might offer both.
Love. Up.

@Rhit, Droid is Android 2.0 isn't it? (Or are we only counting Verzion, because Android has several models, and even Motorola has released the CLIQ before...)
Even that is silly, because Moto has made a ton of phones, and Verizon launched even more, so this isn't like Apple entering a market, it's seasoned vets who should knock it out the park (and arguably they did just that -- there's just more Android to choose from).

When Orange starts selling Apples it tells you something. Anyway, don't take these numbers too seriously. Let's count the chicken next fall.

I wouldn't have blasted you if I hadn't read it would I? I'm pretty sure your exact wording in the post was geek liked no? In fact I'm pretty sure you reference the droid as being appealing to only geeks every time you write an article about it.
Also while you might think its important worldwide sales don't mean much until it goes up for sale worldwide (I know, mind blowing right?).
As for the name, this generally doesn't have a severe effect on sales as many times there are names copyrighted overseas so a product is renamed for a specific region.

Its funny how riled up the iphone users get when an actual competition hits the market you guys are so offended by a competition that actually utilizes the fact that there is such a thing as a CUSTMIZATION DUMB IPHONE USERS!!!!

Or we are generally riled up anyway?
You know, the term "angry young men" ring a bell?
Silly me, of course you know, being one of us and everything.

@bsmin Why are you here then? You should be on a bridge collecting tolls you troll.
All these phone manufactures have had a long time to kill the iPhone. And still have not. I think it's time they take a new approach. Instead of focusing on being the next failed "iPhone killer". IMO we will not see a iPhone killer till next summer when Mr Job's pulls it out of his pocket.

No phone manufacturer is specifically trying to kill the iPhone. Instead, they are trying to maximize their total profits.

you would compare Android 2.0 (Droid) to the iphone 2G bc it is the first of its kind.Its a new buzz. when the iphone 2G came out it was a new buzz. you wouldnt have compared iphone 2G sales to motorola Razr sales after it being out a couple of years would you? or to a blackberry that's been out for a few years. compare apples to apples. compare the initial first reactions to something new to the market. and if you want to post links here we go.
the iphone 2G sold 270,00 when it first hit the scene. The droid sold 100,00..thats not too far off.and according to Renee, sold 300,00 iphone 3GS's on opening weekend. again, we're talking domesticly.
and with 3 generations being on the market, the iphone sales have not increased that much. from 270,000 iphone 2G's opening weekend to 300,00 iphone 3GS's 2 years later...let just do some accurate and credible comparisons shall we.