Ordering an international iPad 2 this morning? Standing in line this evening?

Ordering an iPad 2 this morning? Standing in line this evening?

It's iPad 2 launch day in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK! (Phew!) That means our international readers (and editors and writers!) will start hitting store.apple.com at the wee hours of the morning to order online (1am GMT, we're waiting to see if it's 1am EDT or PDT here in Canada), and others will start lining up at local Apple Stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers at 5pm local time to pick an iPad 2 up live and in person. And TiPb is going to be there with you!

Not sure yet if you want to get an iPad 2?

Once you've made your decision, let us know how your order goes in the comments below -- which one you got and when Apple says it will arrive, and then head on over to the iPad Forum and help us track shipments and deliveries.

Likewise, if you're standing in line let us know where and drop a picture in official iPad 2 launch line thread on the iPad Forum.

And if you want to win a BodyGuardz for either your new iPad 2 or original iPad, head on over to our iPad Forums and help George Lim name his iPad 2!

Good day and good luck!

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Ordering an international iPad 2 this morning? Standing in line this evening?


The international ipad2 launch that wasn't
Apple eloquently promised the international launch on time, low and behold all online Apple store shoppers found...zippo, zilch, nada. Sure you could order online in the early morning hours of the 25th of March, however there was nothing to be shipped. All international online stores started with 2 -3 weeks shipping in the availability category. What Apple really meant to say was "f^%$ you" dear customer, really we are launch in three weeks, but since we promised that March 25th would be the date, we will just string you along for a few weeks until we actually have the inventory required to really start selling in your country.
I bet the launch in Apple stores and at retailers will go exactly like it did in the US. Apple stores will have barely enough to keep selling between 5PM and store closing, and will not receive any additional inventory for a few days after that. Retailers will receive 5 or maybe even 10 devices and then be left in the dark about further shipments.
But there are a few winners in all of this. As I write this post, you can find droves of people offering to stand in line at an Apple store for 100$ and get you what you need. The greediest of these handy helpers actually asked fro 250$, but as the low bid, stating that he will vacate his spot in the line for the highest bidder by 1PM on Friday.
Maybe some of the evaluations posted on the various Apple sites are right, the new ipad is not a great leap forward, so lets just wait for the ipad3.
Imagine, Apple launches a product and no one shows up to form a long line for Apple's media pleasure...

My local best buy got like 40 the other day. Trust me, Apple is shipping them as fast as they can make them. It would be naive to think that Apple would just purposely hold out on customers...

well its 1 am EDT in Ontario, guess they meant 1 am PDT, oh well theres no way I'm staying up until 3, especially if shipping is going to be 2-3 weeks, I'll take my chances in the stores, with 4 stores in my intimidate area selling them I hope I'll find one

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Reporting in from the NZ launch (2 hours ago):-
Apple told the local media that (the) iPad 2 would launch on schedule at 5pm local time, but buyers shouldn't get their hopes up.
My experience is that very limited quantities were available, with my local big box store only having 25 to sell, which were sold to the first few in line. Stock was limited to one per customer.
Many left disappointed.

I ordered online in the UK last night.
At about 20 to 1 the iPad 2 and covers, docks etc all said ship in 2-3 weeks. For the next hour all I managed to do was go round in circles watching the Apple store melt down with error messages until someone on Twitter said that 1-click was working first time.
Result, finally got to bed at 1-50am with Black 16G Wifi and dock showing as shipping on 15th April.

Had the same thing. I just gave up doing it last night in the end. Just ordered mine this morning though so all good in the end. Must of been a busy night to freeze up the store like that, amazing considering the time it launched.

Yep we had the same issue in the Irish store. Constant error messages. Also it looked like the store started selling iPads at about 12:50GMT. Eventually got an order through using 1-Click, but I did not get an email confirmation. Got the order confirmed this morning from the Apple Helpline so thats good but 2-3 weeks to fulfill the order? Bummer! Might just have to queue at a retailer today but I suspect stock is very limited as we don't have an official Apple Store in Ireland yet.

Not one Apple iPad 2 to be had in the whole country (Ireland) rang round everywhere this morning again with no joy. I think Ireland got about 100 iPads to cover the whole country. Ridiculous !!

Same experience here in the Uk. Site crashed on me from 1am till just gone 2am. Kept getting a page saying there had been an error pls try again.
I woke this morning to find I have 3 separate orders!! I only ever wanted one and only made it to the confirmation page once LOL
Apple sort ya life out, release something when you actually have stock. 2 - 3 weeks it says yet the email says 26th April, that's a month in my book!! Grrrrrrrr

Got mine ordered this morning after 1 hours 10 mins of Oopps errors. 2-3 week dispatch timescale. I might travel to my local (1 hour away) apple store and see what it's like, if I get one, cancel the online order. M in the UK.

Why is every time Apple release a new product the 'customer' get the thin end of the wedge all the time.
2-3 weeks online
7- 10 hrs inline
Apple over promise and under deliver yet again.

At least if I'm lucky I get to run through the arms raised tunnel at the Apple store clapping, screaming all the way to the 20 folk deep counter queue.
'sorry no 16gb wifi left in stock'
could be my reward :(

Minimal stock here in NZ, auckland. I was lucky enough to get 2 from the same store. Raced back to the car to drop off iPad #1, then back to the store to get iPad #2. I was the last in the queue and got the very last one. Store seemed disorganised, and despite everyone queueing nicely for several hours, and everyone being happy to do so, store mgmt said queuing could not guarantee an iPad. After that it was a mad dash to the counter and there were some pretty peeved people who had been waiting patiently for hours who ended up at the back and not getting their choice. Very poor store mgmt on launches like this.

Pretty good experience here in Australia went to my local jb hifi at around 4 managed to get what I want 32gb wifi white very limited stock though spoke to manager only received 50 units of various models and not a single 16gb wifi in white..

I ordered by 32 Gb black iPad 2 and blue smart cover at 4:18 am eastern this morning . It's showing that it won't ship until April 15, so I'll probably start haunting the local stores and see if I can get one locally sooner.

Sat at home chilling and relaxing and acting all cool... will not be queueing today, but may grab a coffee and walk up the Apple Store to see who's queueing...

Sitting in line in Haarlem (Netherlands). Not bad at all here on the red carpet in the sun. 5th in line, an our to go before I get my black ipad 64 3g.

Vancouver Downtown Apple Store has about 250 people lining up.
Some retailer are not playing the line-up game, they simply assigned the ipads they received and will just hand them out at 5PM, not tat they have much supply, but still better than making people stand outside in the rain just so Apple gets a free mention in the media.

Sitting in Richmond bc apple store been here since 11 probably about 150th in line, I'm just inside the lineup extends out the door

Went round in circles with the Apple Store freaking out from 1am to about 2:45 when I eventually ordered the Black 64Gb 3G, email says delivery 25th April!!
Went to local Comet at 16:30 after work where a few people (15) had gathered and they had stock of the 32Gb wifi only for sale there and then but ordered me a 64gb 3g from the warehouse for delivery next Thursday night / Friday Morning! Hoorah for Comet, Boo to Apple and Apple Store order now cancelled as Comet are over 3 weeks faster!!