Ordering an iPad 2 this morning? Standing in line this evening?

Ordering an iPad 2 this morning? Standing in line this evening?

It's iPad 2 launch day in the US folks and that means a bunch of you will start hitting store.apple.com at 1am PST/4am EST to play your online orders and others will start lining up at local Apple Stores, AT&T, Best Buy, Target, Verizon Wireless, Walmart and select Apple Authorized Resellers at 5pm local time to pick an iPad 2 up live and in person. And TiPb is going to be there with you!

Not sure yet if you want to get an iPad 2?

Once you've made your decision, let us know how your order goes in the comments below -- which one you got and when Apple says it will arrive, and then head on over to the iPad Forum and help us track shipments and deliveries.

Likewise, if you're standing in line let us know where and drop a picture in official iPad 2 launch line thread on the iPad Forum.

Good day and good luck!

[Picture from iPhone 4 launch, we'll swap in an iPad 2 launch photo as soon as we start getting some good ones so send them in!]

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Ordering an iPad 2 this morning? Standing in line this evening?


I wasn't going to, but I found a person on a Canadian blog who is planning on going down.
Total stranger, but I'm going to meet up with him and his female friend, and we'll head down across the border to wait for the store to open! :D
I've got my lounge chair with a leg rest to keep my broke ass elevated, and an iPad, iPhone some PB&J sammiches and a LOT of time to kill!
Why am I doing it?
Because I can ;)

Idk what you should do if you have to pee but if you have your period you can use your iPad 2...

Both of those responses were unfunny and lame. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
A real answer would've been "False question - people waiting in line on launch day don't have genitals. Everybody knows that.".

Will be stopping by the Verizon Wireless store around 4:00. I suppose I'm lucky that my area has few people, meaning I'll probably walk out of there at like 5:30. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Hitting up BB @ 4 pm when they are allowing the line to begin. Then getting a number and then getting my wht 64g wifi only iPad 2. Should take an hour .. Lol I kid.

I'm in Tucson too. What time will you be standing in line? Do you think if I showed up at noon that I would be ok?

Just gonna hit store.apple.com in 2 1/2 hours! Don't have the patience to go stand in line :(

Oh man...lol. Here we go again. Why is it 1am Pacific, by the way? Why not midnight? Why not 2am?

just ordered mine online. it says 3 to 5 days. once i get tracking ill let everyone know. my guess is monday though. CANT WAIT

No. I am not going to. I just picked up a used on Craigslist for $290 last Friday. Look forward to more price drop to get another used one for my parents.

Just ordered my 16Gb wifi plus smartcover and HD Video adapter. I may go to the store around 6 when I get out of work and see if there is anything left. If so I might just get one today and return my order to the applestore once I receive it : ) Can't wait to get it tho!!

Just ordered mine. AT&T 3G 32GB, Black Cover and HD Video Adapter. Hoping they ship on Friday and deliver on Monday!

Order went smooth a few minutes early.
iPad 2 32GB WiFi Black
Smart Cover Grey
Ships 3-5 business days
Delivers March 15-18

I just ordered mine. Got a March 18th-25th delivery estimate tho. :( Oh well. Free shipping beats driving 200 miles to the nearest Apple Store, especially when gas prices are nearly $4 a gallon.

Really hoping that the shipping dates are just automated so that those who order it later today don't get angry that it says earlier than it will actually ship. Really hoping that mine ship out today.

Ordered at 3:49am EST. March 18-25th delivery estimate. I hope it ships sooner, I was willing to pay for overnight shipping but there was no option. :(

WTH!? Ive been waiting online at apple.com and the site never showed me an option to buy the iPad2. I kept refreshing the page since 1230am. I'm in California. Anybody else see this?

Confirmation for iPad2 order quotes time of order as PST 01:01AM lol. been hitting refresh until I saw the choose an iPad button at 12:56! it smooth no hiccups there. Well done Apple

Just ordered from store.apple.com. 32GB wi-fi. shipping in three to five days. Going to call tomorrow to see if I can upgrade shipping. Husband going to Target later today to see if he can get his.

Just ordered mine but haven't received a confirmation email. I went to order status and it times out. Anyone else not getting a confirmation email of their order?

It looks like Apple did a good job preparing for the actual order placing but not such a good job preparing the order status system and other systems that go along with ordering. I got my order verification email within minutes but I ordered at 12:50 AM PT.

I had my laptop in my lap, waiting for go, and FELL ASLEEP! Woke up and it was 3:45 am Central! Now, its 3-5 business days to ship...guess I will be getting in line. Luckily, I live in a town that is not filled with tech lovers. Usually not very long lines, if any, at retailers. fingers crossed

Ordered mine online about 15 min before they were supposed to be avaiable. Ordering went very smooth! Got a black 32GB WiFi+3G and a Grey Smart Cover. I really hope those shipping dates are incorrect!! I really need the iPad definitely by the 17th for a trip!! I'm calling Apple in a few hours!

Ordered online just after 4AM EST. 3-5 business days shipping- ugh! If I get a chance to slip into a store carrying iPad this weekend I might try to pick one up and cancel the online order.

I woke up at 6 am est and placed my order from my iPhone on the app store took 2 minutes glitch free. Nice job apple! AT&T white 64gb ipad2 with gray cover. A little disappointed with the shipping dates but hopefully they'll update that and expedite shipping.

Ordered mine just after 5 am est. Bumped up to the 32gb AT&T 3G black. My current iPad is a 16 gb with 3 gb left. I just couldn't make myself order the white tho. Maybe if I saw it that would be different?

I'm in Singapore on business. Can't stand in the line to buy. I ordered quick and easy online and hope it is there when I come home next Thursday. Praying the ship dates aren't so long...

This week since I sold my 1st Gen has been a heck of a long one! There's a Walmart in town 5 min from my work. I'll call and see if they'll be selling the iPad. If they do I'll be buying there. Hopefully they have the white 64Gb WiFi model. The closest BB is 50mi away and the closest Apple Store is 180. Not a chance to get there in time.

Ugh, I looked at it at 6am EST and it was 3-5 days. I get ready for work and think about it, and come back to it at 6:45am EST and buy it and I get:
Ships: 5 - 7 business days
Delivers Mar 22 - Mar 29 by Standard Shipping
Guess I should have bought it the first time I looked at it.

Queues are gonna be brutal. Wonder if these folks will do the same in September for the iPad 3?

Normally, from what time should I go to Apple store if I want to get the iPad2 on the launching day? Is 6:00am enough? planning to go to Munchen Apple store on the 25th.

Fast shipping my you know what. Ordered already but gonna head to walmart to see if i can snag one.

This is not true. Walmart has the iPad 2 and all accessories locked out until 5 pm local time. In all locations.

Quick questions for the TIPB fam, I am not sure what to get. If I buy a 3g ipad, will I be able to use it as a GPS while traveling. I have a jailbroken iphone I hope to use as a Hotspot_Thanks

Ordered mine online at 3:02 am. Showed delivery between 15 and 18th. Got up again at 7:00am only to discovery no order confirmation e-mail. Checked my order status to see ACTION REQUIRED message. WTF. Their card authorization system is messed up. It took me 15 minutes of reentering my card info to get it to go through. Now my delivery date is 18 to 25th. I love Apple, but every time I try to order something on Apple.com there is some sort of stupid issue.

Anyone know if the earthquake in Japan is affecting shipping? I know the iPad is made in China but they stop over in Japan, (Hong Kong) don't they?

@)#%€ Forgot my highschool geography. What can I say, I'm a product of the public education system.

i ordered at 6:15 am EST. got a delivery estimate of 3/22 to 3/27 on the ipad and 3/15 to 3/17 on the darn cover. they suck. if i can find one in a store tonight i am going to see if i can cancel my online order.

is that a serious hope no line for for iPad 2 is that really an honest hope think about and you'll find it a fairytale wish

Ordered the 32GB Wifi and a case. I'm not too psyched that the cheaper cases had a worse color selection. Stepped up from the 16GB on the first gen and moved to 32GB this time.

Hello Ipad 2 Fans. Is anyone here lining up at the Carousel Center in Syracuse? Let us know how the lines are. We are Canadians and just cant wait so we plan on heading down after work to line up for tomorrow. I just hope they still have some :) Good Luck Everyone!

There are about 15 people in line right now. It'll get bigger throughout the day. If you can't get to Syracuse by 1:00PM, I wouldn't even bother. They're expected to sell out today.

Hey man, Thanks for the info. In Ottawa we usually have enough stock for the release weekend and we got big lines too. At least you know you will get one. We were thinking of hitting up best buy and that too but wanted to try Apple first. I should just leave work and head there now :) Enjoy your Ipad2.

I'm actually not in the line. I passed by it while grabbing a coffee this morning. I've heard Best Buy got quite a bit of stock. You might want to consider hitting Watertown, NY on your way down route 81. They have a huge Best Buy there. Should be a lot of stock left.

Hey Dood,
Thanks a million for the info. We will totally check out best buy now you mention that. Who knows maybe we wont even have to go to Syracuse but this gives lots more options anyway. Have a great day!

Just got off the phone with Apple. You CANNOT order an iPad 2 online or with the Apple Store App and do an in-store pickup. You will have to be there LIVE AND IN PERSON to get one this evening... or wait the 2-3 weeks shipping if you order online.

I stood in line (3rd. not bad for getting there 40 minutes before the store opened) this morning at a MacOutfitters. They got about 75 wifi only iPad2's in stock. They gave everyone a ticket to come back at 5. I wanted a 3G but am really debating on saving some money and getting a WiFi one or should I sell my ticket to someone who didn't get one?

Here in Charlotte (South Park Mall) our local news station stopped by in which they filmed the lines as well as my iPad. My iPad is a celebrity now.

Came at the best buy at westbury in NY and there is only like 15 people waiting on like. I also call the apple at roosevelt field mall and the says that they already had like 80 people on line

I also ordered an iPad and accessories (make sure I got what ai wanted) at 3:50 am est and it is scheduled to be delivered Tuesday.

you got a shipping notice? sure you arent talking about the 3/5 days its going to take to actually ship? I ordered at 4am as well and it still says the 3/5 days

In line at walden galleria mall Cheektowaga NY(suburb of buffalo). There's about 200 or so in line so far. I'm NO.8. Can't wait to get it and leave.

The Walmart in my town told me this morning they got 2. I said, "2 of each model?". And the associate said, No, 2 total.". I walked out. Came to AT&T, at 3:45 pm, no one waiting at all. Weird.

I got up at 12.45am made my order and then went back to bed. If it takes 2 weeks or 3 weeks to be delivered then it will take that time.
why get stressed over a few days or weeks. When I placed my order at 12.50am (started the order, completed at 12.55am) it said that the delivery estimate was two separate dates.
The accessories are scheduled for 15th to 18th and the ipad is scheduled for 18th to 25th. Whether they meet those estimates is another story, either way getting upset or stressed by delays is not going to make it arrive quicker.
Would I wait in line? Nope. 10 years ago, maybe, 20 years ago definitely but hey, I waited years for the iphone on Verizon, I am happy to wait a couple of weeks for an Ipad.

Completed my order at 12:52 am PST. "Delivers Mar 18 - Mar 25". I'm good with that. Walked by Best Buy here in Torrance, CA at around 1:30 pm and saw ONE person in line.

Enjoy your new iPad 2s everyone! Just think: years from now, you can tell your grandkids that you were there in the early moments of the post-PC era. That you were one of the first people to have a modern computer.
Then they'll ask "What were PCs like?" and you'll say "They were like mainframes but much smaller." And then they'll ask "What were mainframes?" and you'll say "They were like computers but much bigger."

I'm 9th in line at best buy in Little Rock, AR.. They said they are gonna let us in the store and start processing stuff at 4:30! Can't wait!

Ordered mine online! Says by april 6th. No biggie cause I didn't have to go wait in line for hours. I will be happy when it arrives but for now I can use my macbookpro and iPhone which work fine for everything I need. I am getting the iPad 2 for portability.

Sitting in line at the Rancho Cucamonga, CA store. There are probably 150 in line at the moment.

I am in line at the Kenwood Towne Center Apple store in Cincinnati, OH. There's about 150 people here, I'm number 2 in line. TiPb handed us t-shirts afew hours ago.

Still in line at galleria mall NY. Still No.8. And there's about 400 people in line according to the apple boys. Imhave to pee.

There are 226 people in front of me at the apple store at 12 oaks mall
Best buy across the street sold old, handed out tickets at 4

First in line at the ghetto Walmart by my work. Got here at 3:40. Yeah, didn't think anyone in this area was going to be buying a brand new iPad.

Just saw a video on youtube, A girl who is a college student sold her spot in line for $900 to a guy think it was in NY..

Got in line (about number 36) at Best Buy in Charleston, SC at 4:05pm...at 4:45 got my ticket for 3G black 64...now about 60-some people; 20 minutes or so will have it.

Stood in line at Best Buy in Burlington NC for about 1.5 hrs...Got my pristine white iPad 2 with HDMI cable and grey Apple mag cover...sweet weekend!

The at&t store here says they didn't get any. The apple store in Fairfax Virginia says they are all sold out. Best buy started passing out tickets at 4:30 they are sold out. Walmart jas some but only wifi - Whew... So glad I ordered mine (white 32 gb at&t 3g) online this morning or I would be pretty disappointed.

I'm in the same boat for Fairfax. I ordered this morning and then called target, apple walmart and BB and heard they were sold out. It was a good call ordering this morning.

I thought I would try and get one at the local Best Buy....when I got there was no line..sweet....not....I get inside and the Best Buy employees acted like they didnt know what was going on...so I finally found someone who knew....he said there were no tickets left to stand in line...I was like..what line...I looked over and there were 10 people waiting in line..so your telling me there are only 10 iPad2s in the store...yes....You got to be kidding me!!! This Best Buy is located in Elizabethtown Kentucky.....they were very rude, dismissive...if I had a grenade I would have tossed it inside to stop the madness!!!

Waited for about 4 hours to get mine. Store opened at 5 I got mine at 5:15. Was 60th iin line.

stood in line at Best Buy Atlanta Southlake with about 50 other people, i was about 20th. At 4.30 they came out with tickets for about 16 iPads and none were 3G, wth!!!!. Went over the road to At&T they had 4 (all 3g of course) I was second in line and got my 16gb white.

Got mine 30 minutes ago... iPad 1 looks so big right next to my new 64GB iPad 2... I think Sandy Springs in Georgia is sold out...

just got iPad 2 32gb Verizon, from walmart, got there at 4 pm and there was 8 people in line and walmart had a total of 25 iPad 2's. my credit card got blocked and I had to call them and have it unblocked! was very scary ! but I got my iPad 2 :)

Waited in line for ever only to have Best Buy sellout of all iPads with two people in front of me before I got my turn. I pretty pissed because Best Buy was selling multiple iPads to people.

got to my local best buy 1hr 30 mins after sales began and i was last in line and still got my ipad :)

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