Original Apple TV currently unable to connect to iTunes

Original Apple TV unable to connect to iTunes

Have an original Apple TV that's suddenly unable to connect to the iTunes Store? You're not alone. It looks like many, many people in many, many parts of the world are suffering from exactly the same outage. There's no word yet on what caused it, though there is speculation that it might be related to a recent security update on Apple's servers, perhaps to deal with the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability.

There also doesn't seem to be anything that fixes it at the moment either, which is especially frustrating for people.

Apple stopped selling the original, OS X-tiger based Apple TV in 2010 following a switch to the iOS-based Apple TV 2 and later, the 1080p Apple TV 3. Rumor has it Apple might introduced an Apple TV 4 this year, possibly with a game or app store and a new interface. None of that, of course, will help original Apple TV owners in the here and now.

If you're still using the original Apple TV and iTunes is failing to connect for you, let me know! (And let me know when/if it starts again!)

Source: Apple Discussions via MacRumors

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Original Apple TV currently unable to connect to iTunes


I got mine working so I could at least view the existing content and such on my original Apple TV by disabling the network connection. Still doesn't mean a direct iTunes fix but after going as far as a complete restore, step by step brought the conclusion that if you have an active network connection with the original Apple TV, the problem persists of laggy response and stuttering playback despite working fine only days earlier.

Remove it from a active internet connection and the lag is gone and your existing content is once again, viewable. It still will sync with the latest release of iTunes on OS X Mavericks. So any recent movie purchases will still work but just connect the Apple TV directly to your Mac with a Cat5 cable and all is well.

Hopefully a long term fix from Apple will come soon

I'm curious about these pics of the Apple TV that you guys keep posting. I don't get it, are these real images? Or are they rumored 3D renderings?

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The ever so awesome original that doubles as a hot plate. Even in standby, my original is hotter than my MacBook Pro ever gets even after a long session of CoD in closed lid mode pushing only my ACD.

ITunes may be off again. I just tried to search for an app on the iPhone, and got the can not connect error. I turned off wifi, and got the same message with LTE, it started working again, but very slow to load anything. Turned wifi back on, and still slow. For Apple TV users, it would be nice if Apple would tell you there is a problem, or we no longer support the model. iTunes really needs a major overhaul.

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I hope this is fixed soon. I was planning on (finally) selling my 160 gigger. I haven't used it in four years.

I'm having the same problem too... or more accurately, one of my users is having the issue. I found this article by researching the issue.

I could use my ATV since read this article. The Flickr optins was working fine but, could use those that make access to iTunes. As there's no straightforward way to turn off the Wi-Fi connection, I make the network fail on purpose by setting the TCP/IP address manually in a way that all network requests couldn't be handled by my AirPort Extreme (as old as the ATV). After this little "trick" I was able to watch my movies stored in the 160Gb HDD. I hope that Apple fix this soon.

Update: Apple TV 1st Gen access to iTunes fixed by Apple. Every feature of my Apple TV back to normal work ! Thanks.

I got my Apple TV about two months ago. It worked great for a while and now I cannot access I Tunes or anything else. What do I do? Please help