OS Experience for jailbreak brings Mission Control to the iPad

OS Experience brings Mission Control to the iPad

OS Experience is a new jailbreak utility available for iPad that not only offers multiple windows — a feature only rumored for iOS 8 — but adds multiple desktops in the same way Mission Control does on the Mac.

The iPad (and iOS) is currently a full-screen platform. That means you can only use and interact with one app at a time. Open Mail, you leave Safari. They can still run in the background but you can't see them. With OS Experience, you can have multiple apps — and more — all visible, all at once. It's much more like OS X than iOS.

If you use hot corners on the Mac, you can even enable these same kinds of behaviors on your iPad with OS Experience. Set a gesture and then view all the active windows you have.

Aside from multiple windows, OS Experience brings Mission Control to the iPad along with the ability for multiple desktops. Just like windows, create a gesture and then trigger it to see all your desktops and access them in just a tap. You can also hold down on desktops and tap the X in order to delete them.

While an app like OS Experience works great on the iPad, it probably wouldn't serve much purpose on a smaller device like an iPhone. If you happen to try out OS Experience, let me know in the comments how it's working for you and what you like about it the most. Anything you'd like to see the developer add in the near future?

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OS Experience for jailbreak brings Mission Control to the iPad


While I have yet to jailbreak any of my iOS devices. If Apple were to have a true multitasking solution such as this, It's another major step in the "post PC" era.

I doubt my lowly iPad 2 would benefit much from this app as opposed to newer retina display models where text would still be legible and multiple windows more practical. This would give the iPad as a computing platform, a much needed kick in rear forward especially if you can essentially split the screen into four apps working simultaneously while still held in portrait form factor or any other combination of ideas.

Apple has been known to buy the entire rights to great software for the Mac for years, (cover flow as an example) from the looks of what this is and the potential it has for the iPad or a possible larger screen iPhone, it would be one killer step in the right direction.

The only thing that concerns me, is when the Mac stops being a part of Apple as iOS devices sell in greater numbers while Mac sales slowly drift and the consumer who grew up using the Mac for ages slowly becomes disenfranchised as iOS becomes more powerful and far more mainstream than it already is.

It's awesome tweak.

Been using ever since it was released. It does changes the way the iOS is intended to be used, but after using it for quite some time... I've grown accustomed to it.

OS Experience works about as well as congress. It is incompatible with tons of tweaks. The implementation is counter productive. The developer promised daily updates yet there hasn't been one in a week. Save your money for Ryan Petrich's upcoming multitasking window tweak. I paid (more like $10 was stolen from me) for this tweak but I wouldn't put this back on my iPad if it was free. I'd call it Quasar 2 but Quasar actually worked.

I used it and it's buggy as hell for me. It consumes so much ram I can't really have more than a few apps open. And with it enabled I can't log in to my schools wifi.

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I like OS Experience, truly it's pretty awesome.
I do have an issue with it though. It does not close apps, they still run in the background which after awhile causes iOS to crash or behave very slowly. I realized this after uninstalling OS Experience and seeing all my apps open still from a 2 day period and spending a moment closing them all individually