OS X gets iOS-style Twitter integration, is this Apple's answer to social networking?

Among many other new features announced today for OS X Mountain Lion was Twitter integration, built right into many of the core Mac apps.

"Tweet right from your apps. OS X Mountain Lion keeps you on top of all things Twitter. Sign in once and you’re all set to start tweeting — and you don’t have to leave the app you’re in. Tweet links and photos directly from Safari, iPhoto, or Photo Booth with the new Tweet Sheet. Tweet comments and add locations. And when someone mentions you in a tweet or sends you a direct message, you’ll get a Twitter notification right then and there."

Twitter was borne of mobile, so it's a big step for the social network to be integrated deeply and natively in a desktop operating system. Apple first started getting cozy with Twitter in iOS 5, and it's clear that from here on in, they'll keep supporting the ubiquitous social network.

And it begs the question, after years of luke warm social networking initiatives inside Apple, including Ping, is it smart for Apple to just let Twitter handle their social networking?

Given how comfortable the two companies are getting with each other, I'm curious if down the line Apple would consider an acquisition... After all, they've got more money than most countries at this point. Apple doesn't traditionally like to be beholden too, or dependent on, outside companies for their services or user experience.

Combined with the new OS X Notification Center, you'll never have to deal with redundant notifications of @ replies or direct messages again, which is pretty sweet.

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OS X gets iOS-style Twitter integration, is this Apple's answer to social networking?


Ping was born out of the failed attempt to link up with Facebook. So Apple's interest in providing popular social media integration has been around for years, though they used the framework for Facebook & rebadged it as Ping when their relationship went sour
Cheers !

Does anyone else think Apple will use part of their huge cash stockpile to buy twitter?? I'm just saying...

It is definitely a possibility. There are few social network companies that vibe with Apple's look and feel of simplicity and usability. Twitter would actually fit right into the iOS ecosystem without much modification.

I think this is great. Twitter just feels like the perfect social network for Apple devices. I absolutely love it. I can't wait to try out Mountain Lion!