OS X 10.10 codenamed Syrah, anyone want to bet it's going to look more like iOS 7?

OS X 10.10 codenamed Syrah, could look more like iOS 7

OS X 10.9 Mavericks hasn't even shipped yet, but of course there'll be an OS X 10.10 after it, and of course Apple's already working on it. Mark Gurman, however, has been able to put a name to it already. 9to5Mac:

OS X 10.10 is internally codenamed Syrah (yes, another wine), and sources hint that Apple has been toying with a new design across the system that is akin, but not as dramatically different, to the new designs found in iOS 7 and iCloud.com.

I hadn't heard the codename before, but I have heard about the design. Apple spent a lot of time and effort making OS X familiar to iOS users, and all of that work disappeared with iOS 7. It only makes sense that elements of the new design language would also go "Back to the Mac" when Apple can devote the necessary resources to it. How much and in what way iOS 7 gets reflected in OS X 10.10 will likely evolve well into next year, and will be incredibly interesting to see come WWDC 2014.

This year we'll be getting a lot of under the hood changes to OS X - see our complete Mavericks preview - so next year also makes perfect sense for the new interface. Apple won't set an official name until next spring, but anyone want in on the pool early?

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Reader comments

OS X 10.10 codenamed Syrah, anyone want to bet it's going to look more like iOS 7?


Apple should move to a free upgrade model with OS X, like they have with iOS.

Also, OS "X" is getting long in the tooth, when will OS 11 (XI) come out?

No...but when you buy the milk, bread, and eggs...they give away free straws, plastic forks, and ketchup packets.

It turns out I was correct. You mocked, but Apple announced today that Mavericks is a FREE upgrade. See, I knew what I was talking about!

Don't nitpick, so I said "should" instead of "will" — I still was the only one to even hint at the fact that it might become free.

I'm just saying, they used to charge for iOS (on the iPod touch) and now they switched to free. The first upgrade was $20, then $10 for the following two. Then it was free, just like the iPhone and iPad.

Their release cycle for OS X used to be every 2 years, which made the price seem worth it. Now it's yearly, so they should move to a free model.

Wasn't it $30 but then decreased to $20?

It probably makes a lot of money, although free would be good - would keep everyone on the same page so it's easy for developers.

Yea, lets ruin OS X by making it look like it was designed for fairies.. Of course this is all but certain to happen.

iOS 7 looks on the desktop? More like "Crap on the Mac".

But I bet Apple is saving that for OS X 11 so it can claim to be a revolution in desktop design. Right now they are probably figuring a way to squeeze some paralax effects into OSX.

I like iOS 7 a lot, but the icons are just too cartoonish for me. Palette-wise it feels as if it were designed by Sesame Street, or a Scandinavian Crayon maker that slowly went insane after being vacuum locked to his ergonomic toilet through an entire winter. So I'm not a fan of my Mac looking just as garish in order to fit in with the iOS design esthetic.

Wow you really put a lot of thought into that description didn't you. But I get your point. It does mess with your eyes a bit.

I agree, If I want a computer with a Mobil OS I'll get a iPad with a keyboard, look how windows moved to a mobile OS look, how are they doing?

Windows 8 is doing quite well, more than 110 million users at present. The ios 7 look is the future of the mac, few angry people on internet won't change Apple's decision. I am quite sure Sir Jonathan Ive will successfully handle this UI transition.

No, he will make it fugly and then Apple will use it anyway. The thing is, had this horrid looking cartoon that is iOS 7 been the design from iOS 1 till now, people would be clamoring for the, now deceased, look of previous gens of iOS. From what I can tell based on comments and articles, people wanted change for the sake of change, as far as looks of the OS goes. Besides, can you even imagine how horrid OSX will be when sometimes words are buttons, at other times they aren't. Oh well.

Hey guys I am sure iOS 7 will get refined as the months go by. Yet I agree not sure I want the psychedelic colors on the Mac's dock. But you know they are going to mess with it. Maybe they will tone down the palette. I'm more interested in what kind of tweaks will enhance productivity as time goes by. Since having an iMac I actually use it for more than just looking at Netflix or Hulu. I do get quite a bit of work done. And I am still getting to know the OS. My iPad gets a rest now. They can definitely do some work on Mail.

Wouldn't OS X modified to look like iOS 7 just look like original OS X? "Anniversary"-like flashback, heh.

the first thing that needs to be done is fixing the "under-contrast" issue that iOS7 has when it comes to very light to white wallpapers. Folders and label text nearly vanishes and becomes very hard to read and look at. Any lighter wallpapers I have I actually run thru the app PhotoForge first and reduce the overall brightness level so there is an obvious contrast between the wallpaper and the folders/icons/text on the home screens.

If the new iOS7 visual style was to be moved over to the Mac as a whole, without any fixes, it would be quite jarring on the eyes.

There is an option for that. Go to General > Accessability > Increase Contrast > ON

IMHO - I see a slight change, but nothing major.

Hi Rene,

I've been thinking about it and I'm not so sure. iOS 7 was clearly designed with the iPhone 5c in mind—this is where the UI blends the most with the hardware. On the Mac, if they stay with metal laptops, the UI should stay metal-like. Mavericks seems the be in that direction.

Dear god, I hope not.

I finally moved full-time over to Mac when Microsoft foisted fruit-coloured, touch-sensitive icons and active desktop upon Win 8. If I wanted a toy computer OS, I'd have stayed there - or bought a child's Leapfrog.

iOS 7 is fine in a mobile environment where icons are very simple visual Qs to apps accessed while on the go and as you try and make an old OS look new (and borrow - sorry, re-imagine - liberally from Android) - and I 'get' that Apple no longer considers itself a computer company anymore, but let's avoid lowering the OS bar so far as to assume users have a limited attention span.

There is no doubt the next gen of OSX will have an iOS 7 theme look. Apple wants to wait until everyone gets use to using it on the iPhone.

Yes it does, and I don't think the dock will lool like that. If it follows iOS7 it will look more like Windows 7.

I'm pretty sure they won't do a Windows 8: they have always been refined with their desktop OS designs, unlike Microsoft, who have gradually been increasing the colour saturation and blockiness of theirs. I expect they will just make everything slightly simpler and more fluid (ie snap-to-size application windows with no corner rounding) and include some of the semi-transparent overlay effects like in thomsonr's mockup, although I doubt the icons will look anything like that (OS X has never taken icons directly from iOS)

This concept looks nice, I'm surprised it wasn't done this year with Mavericks (it would be a more significant/worthy update 'in sync' with iOS). Everything that's in iOS is ready to simply release it - new icons, fresh colors, minimal approach UI, superb NC. Don't tell me that Apple thinks it's good enough for the tablet but sucks on a notebook, I don't think iOS 7 was a mistake.