OS X 10.10 Yosemite Beta 2 lands

OS X 10.10 Yosemite Beta 2 available now for developers!

An update for OS X 10.10 Yosemite Beta has arrived. Coming to us from the Apple Dev Center is Yosemite Beta 2. What exactly is in the update, well, that's technically under embargo, though as an update to a beta we'd expect it to be fixing features that weren't quite up to production standards and tweaking things in response to beta tester feedback rather than an update with new features and the like.

Developers testing out Yosemite can grab it now from the developer center, or download it as an update through the Mac App Store.

Yosemite brings a flattened user interface to the Mac that's reminiscent of what launched in iOS 7, as well as greater integration between OS X and iOS 8.

Though Yosemite is currently in a closed beta, Apple is expected to release a public beta for the OS later in the year, once we get closer to launch (which is likely only a few months away).

In the meantime, what new features in Yosemite are you most looking forward to?

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OS X 10.10 Yosemite Beta 2 available now for developers!


Updating now! Hopefully Handoffs will be less shotty and SMS text messaging enabled (crosses fingers).

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Speaking of SMS from Messaging, I wonder if that's going to require iOS 8 to function. I'm not part of the DP but I am on the list for the public beta, however I can't get an iOS 8 beta. That's a big feature for me and I'm considering getting a MacBook to have it on the go.

I am running iOS 8 and yosemite. iOS Beta 1 was awfull....lots of bugs, could drain battery in a record time. Hoping B2 will be better.

I have a dev profile. Let me know if you want to get your UDID registered. I am running both 8 and Yosemite and the feature works quite nicely. I believe you have to be on iOS8 to do that. email me if you are interested. hello@gabesanchez.co

As far as I can tell, yes. But my only speculation is that everything else, like Handoffs in Pages, brings up an alert saying "the latest iOS 8 and Yosemite software are required for this feature blah blah.." So I'm not 100% sure but I would assume so.

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EDIT: basically Continuity requires an Apple ID on both (or all) devices you wish to use Handoffs, Phone Calls, SMS messaging and Wi-Fi Sharing with. So in reference to messages, your Mac will sync "green bubble" messages and you can reply, etc. the SO LONG AS your Mac (or iPad) AND iPhone are on the same network and signed in with the same Apple ID. (Hopefully that makes sense)

So basically Apple is integrating their devices further than ever by ensuring that you ONLY a use their devices. I can see some Android users with Macs being upset with this because as far as I know, they can't sign-in to their Apple ID on the platform (iCloud.com maybe?)

Hope this helps!

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Sms messaging was enabled in beta 1, I've been using it. Voice calls weren't working though - and instant hotspot worked 30%of the time

Those of you using continuity/handoff, I assume all your devices are running with BT LE? How are you pairing your devices? Simply through the Bluetooth icon on your topbar or what?

You do not need to pair the devices. Handoff will happen automatically as long as you have two Yosemite/ios 8 beta devices within bluetooth range with bluetooth turned on - no pairing required. worth noting that handoff only works between corresponding beta software (yosemite beta 2 only works with iOS 8 beta 2, not beta 1)

Thanks George! I'm updating to DP2 now for Yosemite, although what I didn't see was that I had to activate Handoff in the General settings on my Macbook Pro. Although my Macbook Pro is a late-2011, meaning it's BT 2.1, so I'm wondering if this means I don't need to upgrade my hardware? I guess I'll find out after the update.