OS X Mavericks Mail update available to registered Mac developers now

The issues with the OS X Mavericks Mail app are well documented, and we've heard talk of an update heading our way. What we didn't know is that registered Mac developers can already download an update. It actually became available on October 31 and went unnoticed – no seeding emails seem to have been sent out. So, if you're a registered developer, go get it!

One of the major issues is the seeming lack of proper compatibility with Gmail, so we're hoping that it delivers the proper fixes for that. And better still, if it's in the developer portal, it means it's real, and it should be seeing a consumer release in the not too distant future.

via 9to5Mac

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GlennRuss says:

Kind of strange on Apple's part, not to let developers know. G Mail is so strange in the way it functions. I noticed an iPhone 5S, problem on another account, SMTP outgoing problem. I cannot sent mail. Receive fine. Same account, and settings on iPad sends fine. Same account on MacBook sends also. This happened after the 7.0.3 update. Strange.

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EPJS says:

I've noticed on occasion that Gmail isn't doing the IMAP syncing that it's supposed to. So I'll have to delete the same email on multiple machines. But most of the time, it seems to work fine for me.

In either case, the IMAP is still far and beyond better than the old POP3 method. Which is still an option on a Gmail, but why do that to yourself?

kch50428 says:

Google makes anything outside their Ad delivery/data mine systems (ooops... apps) difficult because advertising to be delivered and data to be mined...

Planetary Paul says:

I don't use Gmail, but I have wonkyness with Apple Mail anyway. It functions OK, but it shows incoming messages continually, many millions of them, 24/7. Right now the counter is at 37 million. Then it pauses for a while and starts all over again. I am fairly sure I don't have 37M emails in my mailbox (though maybe I have now ;-).

I hope the coming update fixes this.

- "I'm sure it's just a minor glitch!"

tape_ says:

I don't use gmail, but I'm having all kinds of trouble with regular IMAP servers. Any m email that's in a non-inbox folder won't display. I can't move emails to folders. Basically anything to do with folders, which is of course sort of important.

davecotter says:

Attempted to run it, installer sez "Mail Update for Mavericks can't be installed on this disk. This volume does not meet the requirements for this update." Which is strange. Cuz i'm definitely running Mavericks

Andrew Herron says:

It won't install on the first GM, only the actual release build.

Lisa Foss says:

The first GM? What does that mean? I'm getting the same error message and I also have Mavericks. I was wondering if I didn't have enough free space, but I do. So what's the catch here?