Pandemica Augmented Reality Shooter for the iPhone

Pandemica Main

Pandemica [Currently Free - iTunes Link] is an innovative, intense, augmented reality first person shooter (FPS) game for the iPhone.

Developer XMG Studies uses the iPhone's camera and compass along with motion detection to make an extremely interactive, one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Pandemica Gameplay

Your mission in Pandemica, if you choose to accept it, is to find the enemy pathogens and eradicate them from the world. To do this, your iPhone is transformed into the SBI-22, a subspace Bio-Imager, which is able to see invisible, virulent pathogens and blast them to smithereens. Now you would think that finding and destroying lower life forms would not be that difficult, but these pathogens are like Metriods after a caffeine binge.

Pandemica Creature

Get touched by one and they leave you infected with damaging goo. Now this isn’t your run-of-the-mill goo but deadly green goo that can only be dislodged by a quick shake of your iPhone.

Pandemica shake

Searching for these pathogens is where Pandemica shows ingenuity in using the iPhone's capabilities. There's no background in the game so, when you move your iPhone around in 360 degrees...

Pandemica 360

...The live camera view shows you your own surroundings as background. The iPhone compass (if you have an iPhone 3GS) allows the game to know which direction you are facing and so reacts accordingly. The game has an onscreen map which helps you locate the pathogens and will vibrate and then turn red when you are in imminent danger.

Pandemica Danger

You can also play multiplayer through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, though in order to fully enjoy this game you need to have an iPhone 3GS with OS 3.1 (for the compass and live camera view access).

This ingenious pathogen blasting game is a must try even for those who may not usually enjoy first person shooters, especially since it is currently being offered for free. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Reader comments

Pandemica Augmented Reality Shooter for the iPhone


I have a similar thing but it's a childs app for my niece, idea is to rotate the iPhone untill you see a flying fairy and then try to "capture" the fairy by tapping it on the screen, you then run out of power and have to recharge it by shaking the iPhone. However that app goes one further than this one by providing diff backgrounds than the simple "camera view" one, still, I'm intrigued by this whole Augmented Reality thing.

This game is so cool I played with it at the store and people where telling me if they could see.. And said they need to get a iPhone. This happen just now lol


The multiplayer mode is very cool. Great beginning to the evolution of augmented reality. App named AR app of the year I see as well

The Siemens X1 had a game built in called Mozzies where you had to shoot mosquitos that appeared on the camera viewfinder. It was pretty good fun. (although the screen resolution and camera were pretty crappy by todays standards.) That was 2003, I'm pretty sure that phone didn't have a digital compass. I fail to see why this is 3GS only

@ Georgia it's called "Fairy Trails" My niece loves it and Its really simple to use so for ages 4 and up really (My niece is 5)

@Iain 117 Thanks sounds like good fun for little ones
@Maniacfive It isnt 3GS only, just enhanced on a 3GS.

I'd like to talk with anyone here as an Augmented Reality developer...
this is such a new field, a-ha? image the exciting Augmented Reality on an iphone/ipad/android....
you can send me email:
I would like to discuss, share or offer the experience\ideas\skills about Augmented Reality iphone develop