Pandora for iOS now pumps your radio stations to Chromecast

Google's Chromecast is a ridiculously cheap and easy way of getting content to your TV from your iPhone, but supported content is still extremely limited. One such service that has now been allowed through the gates is Pandora, with the switch flipped and now you're able to launch your Pandora stations on your TV from your iOS device.

The change seems to have been done server side, and all that's required is a copy of the latest version of Pandora – which you'll find at the handy download link below. It's a great addition to the Chromecast stable, though it is U.S. only. But then, so is the Chromecast itself, officially.

If you've already taken this for a test drive, let me know how you're finding it.

Source: Google via Android Central

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Pandora for iOS now pumps your radio stations to Chromecast

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Tip for everyone. If you have a Receiver that has HDMI you can connect the chromecast to the tv and set it up as "Living room Speakers" or something like that. Once configured you can unplug it from the tv and plug it directly into an hdmi enable receiver or you can buy a converter like

Then you have can control what you play from the Pandora app or Google play music app and send it strait to the speakers without needing a tv to be on or connected. Very cool and very cheap way to have something like SONOS without a wired speaker setup.