Panic's Coda 2.5 leaving Mac App Store, staying awesome

Panic's Coda 2.5 leaving Mac App Store, staying awesome

Panic's Coda is one of the best all-in-one web editors on the Mac, but when version 2.5 hits, it will no longer be in the Mac App Store. The reason? Sandboxing. Both Panic and Apple tried everything they could to make Coda, a complex development tool, work within the confines of the Mac App Store but it just couldn't come together, at least not in a way that fit the release schedule. Here's what they had to say about the transition on the Panic Blog:

I bought Coda in the App Store. What do I need to do?

Nothing right now. Keep App Store Coda on your system and use it.

Then, when Coda 2.5 is released, you'll simply download Coda 2.5 directly from our website. It'll locate your installed Mac App Store copy, and it will unlock. That's it. You've transitioned. Free of charge.

I use Coda 2 just about every day. I know it must be incredibly frustrating to everyone involved, from Panic to Apple to customers, that this couldn't work. It's just one more reminder that, while the Mac App Store has amazing benefits, it also has real limitations. Hopefully, eventually, a solution can be found that keeps the Mac App Store secure and simple for customers and yet opens up the entitlements developers like Panic need to make apps the caliber of Coda.

If you're a Coda user, or a Mac App Store user, let me know — what do you think about the transition back to the web?

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Panic's Coda 2.5 leaving Mac App Store, staying awesome


I personally use Coda2 everyday and love it. I'm sad to see it move out of the app store.
I do have a question, With it's move out of the App Store will we also lose syncing site bookmarks though iCloud ?


I use Coda every day. It doesn't matter to me where the app comes from as long as it is stable and get's the job done. It's not a big deal.

I use Coda 2 regularly, also. I enjoy buying and updating my apps through the MacApp store. However, I chose to stay with the web download version of Coda 2.

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I don't think that is ever going to happen, simply because one of the benefits of the App Store is it's sand boxing security feature that prevents software, illegitimate or otherwise, from accessing the inner-layers of the system software.

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Programs like Panic, that need that deeper level of access to the system software, are always going to have problems with the Mac App Store. I think that this is probably a good trade-off since it lets Panic distribute its deep-level software to customers, while allowing the App Store to retain one of its key attributes, which is the security that comes from sand-boxing.

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I already have stopped getting any apps from the App Store, even if there are no differences, if I can get it directly from the developer. Apple needs to fix this, and fix sandboxing so that we can continue to use our Macs for serious work.

So as a new user I'm thinking I should still buy it off the Mac App store. This way I have a license there and can use the free upgrade to 2.5 or should I not bother? It seems developers have made it easy to leave the App store but Apple does not even allow the reverse.