Paper wipes out the iPad, le Trèfle edition

Spoiler: In some cases, paper still wipes out the iPad. Or... something. Forget it. Just watch.

Source: Le Trèfle via YouTube

Rene Ritchie

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metllicamilitia says:

Hahaha, that's hilarious, I just wish this wasn't the way the world is heading.

Vanti says:

Thats clearly not an ipad. Its not shaped like one and you can see when he holds it up to the fridge that its some variation of an android tablet because it has those three soft key buttons in the lower left hand corner that android has.

mulasien says:

I chuckled out loud to that. Funny.

kch50428 says:

Your French is pardoned Kevin. :)

smartt3ch says:

It looks like its the GooPad (iPad knockoff) But that is truly the road we're heading down...

ern741 says:

Great ad. And a little too much truth in it.

shinuyuki says:

That's hilarious! The ending was awesome! However, I don't think paper users will ever truly die. Not only is it important to the economies around the world, but it has a lot of uses that surpass that of digital. Speaking mainly due to recent tech news, a lot of sites are being hacked and having information only. Having stuff written only on paper is better for security.

My $.02

Enzo83 says:

Paper will never go away. Either on a device can be wiped and lost forever, paper it can be wiped with, well you can imagine how so, or fire takes both out. So regardless tech or paper, either one has its disadvantages. Unless the Cloud can store epaper. Until that's wiped too. Hehe.

Jaguarr40 says:

Thank you Rene. That was just the laugh I needed to break up my day. Funny as hell.

PhoenixApple says:

I hate to say it but paper will always bet IPad no matter what. Sorry to say,but its the truth.

PassOutPete says:

Bahhahaahaha! Thank you. Just thank you!!!

Couchpotato4life says:

Definitely a very enjoyable commercial haha.

thatguykc says:

Haha! Very creative marketing. I guess digital can't do everything.

imdozer78 says:

That iPad is forever unclean !!!!!!

Team George says:

Since acquiring an IPad Mini we got rid of our printer. We still buy toilet paper though.

Rowanova says:

A classic! Love the good humor.

wscotchmer says:

That was awesome. I'm that guy some days, cursing people for printing out a 500 pg document single sided - kill a tree - just to do a draft review. I'm gonna have to share this video with my friends!

GlennRuss says:

What is my back up to all my iDevices? A hand written planner. It still works great if everything crashes, now if the house burns down, I am well as they say blank out of luck.

EPJS says:

If he's desperate, he could still use the iPad to "clean" himself.

viinsanity says:

This is epic. The humor is just spot on!

BrandonB says:

That was great! Reminds me of an old Girlfriend. :)

slyrobber1 says:

An iPad knockoff??? I say, go ahead and wipe old chap go ahead and wipe!!