Parallels Desktop 10 arrives with OS X Yosemite support, improved battery life, and more

Parallels has launched Parallels Desktop 10, the latest version of their virtual machine software. Version 10 now features support for OS X Yosemite, the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system, due out later this year. It also features battery life improvements and better storage management.

With Parallels 10, users can do things like share files and more using your Mac's internet accounts. Additionally, you can share them through OS X's AirDrop and Messages feature. When you install a new Windows application, the icon will be added to OS X's Launchpad, just like a Mac application. You can drag and drop files to the virtual machine's icon in the Dock to open it in Windows.

There are a number of improvements as well. Parallels customers should see an up to 30% improvement in battery life. Memory usage is down 10% from Parallels 9. Your virtual machine will now only take up the amount of disk space it needs with real-time automatic disk compacts. Windows documents now also open much faster.

Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac is now available for $79.99 to new users, while those upgrading from a previous version need to pay $49.99. Will you be picking it up to run your virtual machines? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Business Wire, Parallels

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Reader comments

Parallels Desktop 10 arrives with OS X Yosemite support, improved battery life, and more


Absolutely this has been a huge bonus for me as in my business I require Windows for some programs and having the ability to use dual screens one for windows and one for mac makes transitioning between the two simple and easy. It's like having two computers in one

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This is getting ridiculous. They are essentially charging $50 a year because you have to buy a new version every time OSX is upgraded. I am not happy with them.

I agree, this is total crap. What irks me the most is that several Yosemite beta testers have told me that Parallels 9 works fine with Yosemite but the minute Yosemite goes live, Parallels 9 will all of a sudden be non-compatible if they don't pull the plug now that Parallels 10 is out. Plus, the updates they push out during the year are "meh" at best. If I have to upgrade again this year, I'm going elsewhere. I understand that VMFusion is cheaper and hasn't forced an upgrade in years.

While I'm not a fan of paying for updates, I understand why developers charge for them. Not a very good business plan to have you pay once while getting unlimited updates and new features. Having said this, forcing you to upgrade is horse crap. At least let you keep Parallels 9 if you don't want to pay for Parallels 10 AND have Yosemite. I use Adobe Lightroom for photography, and each new version is $80. However, if I don't want to upgrade, I don't have to. I just don't get the new features.

Yeah I don't mind paying for new and revamped software either. My problem with Parallels is that they force you to upgrade every time OSX is updated and they usually kill compatibility for the new version. I don't mind upgrading every few years but it gets to be almost like a tax every year, especially when I have multiple computers to upgrade. Sorry, I definitely don't want to sound like anyone who thinks everything should be free.

I have it on my Mac desk top but it takes awhile for the window icons to appear when opening it. I hope this update fixes this.

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Really considering switching to Fusion due to the licensing. I'd like to run Parallels on my desktop and a laptop, but not at full price for each. While I think Parallels seems to be a bit more polished than fusion, upgrade time is the time to switch if I do...

I never looked in to Parallels and had no idea it was basically a yearly subscription (except...not). That is disappointing.

I didn't upgrade from version 7, decided to quit using Windows - I already have my work laptop with Windows. The established software vendors going ransomware is a sad development. When software matures and also the market for it, it gets increasingly difficult to add substantial features and increase market share. Instead of innovating, these companies resort to extortion (Office, Adobe suites, Parallels)