Passbook support comes to Starbucks customers in the UK and Canada

Passbook support comes to Starbucks customers in the UK and Canada

While Starbucks was fairly quick to roll out iPhone 5 and Passbook support in the U.S., their Canadian and UK apps languished in 2:3, non-Passbook purgatory... until today. Sort of. Starbucks has begun to update internationally, and they're ready to single-pull their way to iPhone-purchased specialty beverages both north of the border and across the pond. But still not in 16:9 iPhone format. Here's the official word, straight from the Starbucks blog:

We’re thrilled to announce support for Passbook in Canada and the UK with our most recent Starbucks app update for customers running iOS 6 on their iPhone or iPod Touch. As a My Starbucks Rewards member you’re likely already familiar with mobile payment, tracking your My Starbucks Rewards account and the additional features our app provides, and now, as you’ve been asking, you can now use our app to add your Starbucks Card to Passbook on your iPhone.

Passbook is great, but the lack of 16:9 support is puzzling/disappointing (puzzlepointing?). Anyway, he Passbook part works fine, so get the app, fill it up, then race Samsung to your favorite local barista, tap, scan, and sip. I'm heading out now for a quenti venti latte. What are you drinking?

Source: Starbucks blog

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stevethomp says:

Used it in Canada today, I love that Passbook updates automatically! Super useful for my morning Starbucks run.

Galabad says:

Does any one know if Tims will be doing a passbook app? That would make my day :)

BeardyBrady says:


Quick Question do you still need to keep the original starbucks app if youve got it in passbook?