Path launches new premium services and new privacy options


Since last March, Path has been gradually monetizing with purchasable sticker packs that could be used in instant messaging, and today they've launched a subscription service that provides access to the entire library of stickers, plus a few extras. For $4.99 for three months or $14.99 for the year, Path users also get unlimited access to camera filters and early access to new shop items. The latest update also has a few new features for those that aren't shelling out cash. Private sharing is now supported so that you can post only to an individual, a select group, or your new Inner Circle of designated closest buddies.

I know Rene's big on ad-free social networks, considering his interest in, and it's interesting to see Path following suit, but the business model is still largely unproven. As a regular Facebook user, I'm getting more and more annoyed by where I'm seeing ads (in the notification area? Seriously?), but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to shell out $14.99 for a few extras in my social network.

What about you guys? Any avid Path users? Anyone make a point to not be on Facebook?

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Path launches new premium services and new privacy options


I ditched Facebook 3 years ago and never looked back! Occasionally use twitter and rarely use google plus.

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Path is gorgeous and I would gladly pay for it if it means keeping out ads. It's like apps. The more money developers make from a paid app without any IAP the more they get and the better the apps get. If we keep only looking for free apps and refuse to pay for apps....we get freemium apps. Same works with social networks.