PayPal introduces new app which lets you pay ahead, open line of credit, and more


PayPal has just launched a totally revamped version of their iOS app with a ton of new features. Chief among them is the ability to check into stores from your phone, make purchases before you even get there, and open a line of credit through their Bill Me Later service. A new Store tab lets you browse local deals, while loyalty cards can be scanned in and included in purchases. There's a lot going on in this release, and the new features are really quite dramatic.

We're still a ways off from a future where we ubiquitously pay for stuff with our phone, but PayPal's happy to spearhead the effort. How would you guys like to see Apple support these kinds of transactions?

Source: PayPal

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PayPal introduces new app which lets you pay ahead, open line of credit, and more


Nothing new. Even when I go to iTunes on my computer and look up Paypal it's the same app from April 30th. Not sure where this information is from.

i just downloaded the app it works really good

i also loaded two hundred dollars using the new ADD Check option where you take a pic of your personal check so im waiting for the six day funding process its alot better than buying the myPayPal card i usually use to load my account as i dont link my bank account to my Paypal....