PC World on Disappointment List

The iPhone is on PC World's "15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007" list. From the brouhaha I've been reading, you'd think that they think the iPhone is a piece of junk. Nothing could be farther from the truth -- they think it's "wildly innovative." What they're largely griping about is how Apple has handled the iPhone to this point:

"Memo to Apple: It's time to treat iPhones for what they really are--pocket computers with phone functions built in--and open them up the world. Just a thought."
They're also unhappy with the price tag bait and switch. I don't blame them for that either, I would have rather not spent the extra $100. What else, hmmm... they gripe about AT&T's network. I can't stay mad at anyone that doesn't love their carrier. I agree with their article. The iPhone is a masterwork, but it's a heavily locked-down device, and I'm not sure yet of the real reason.

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PC World on Disappointment List

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Editorial standards, as in the plummeting levels of, never cease to amaze me (even after one editor told me they wanted the reading level of all articles never to exceed that of a 13 year old...)
Apple never baited nor switched the price. Bait and switch is almost the opposite of what they did; promising something attractive and then, once you're hooked on the attractive bait, switching it for something less attractive. If they'd offered a $399 iPhone and then, when you were ready to buy, charged you for a different $599 version, that would be bait and switch.
Love iPhone or hate it, Apple delivered exactly what Jobs promised at MacWorld 07. That (some) people wanted other than what Jobs promised is a problem with expectations (which Apple can certainly take advantage of with future updates) but not delivery.
So, jeers to PC World for continued shoddy editorial and contributing towards the dumbing down of the tech community.
BTW - I quite like Leopard and Vista as well.