PCalc 3.1 adds 64-bit support, night theme, and more!

PCalc 3.1 adds 64-bit support, night theme, and more!

PCalc has been updated, adding 64-bit support, a new theme, and a new mode. The new dark theme, called "Samurai Night", can be set to turn on automatically at night. On the iPhone, dark menus will disply while using the night theme. Additionally, you can make the text on the keys bolder if you choose. PCalc Lite, the free version of the app, was also updated with the ability to automatically sync in-app purchases between devices using iCloud, meaning that you will no longer have to tap "Restore purchases" in order to get that content on multiple devices. Nice.

There's also a new accounting mode. This mode automatically enters a decimal point and rounds the display to two decimal places. When not in decimal mode, the degree and radian buttons can be disabled. New commands have been added to the user functions and conversations. This release of PCalc supports touch typing using VoiceOver.

A number of fixes come with this release. Displaying the tape and registers using certain themes has been fixed, as has adjusting sliders with VoiceOver. A couple of status bar issues have been solved as well, including a problem hiding it, as well as an issue with double-height status bars. Sorting in the "Density" section of conversions has also been fixed.

Current users can grab the update for free, while new users can purchase PCalc as a universal app for iPhone and iPad for $9.99. PCalc Lite is available for free. Let me know what you think of the update!

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PCalc 3.1 adds 64-bit support, night theme, and more!


I like PCalc very much, it has become my RPN calculator of choice on all my iDevices. All other RPN calculators are being uninstalled here lately.

The Flynn theme is great, but I think I can come to like the new Samurai Night too.

When will schools start letting students use their iPhones/iPads instead of their TI-84s? It's a $150 saving for students!